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  • ForgottenfrogLets vote for TLO in this thread so we can see mor…
  • SnorgPlay Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance the mos…
  • KnatterkingI'm a fan too!
  • Taarias a fellow berlin citizen living in his neighbour…
  • Big-tYeah congratz, that was an awesome comeback :clap:…
  • vultBack in Premier once again! Grats!
  • Snotlingas always TLO likes to torture us first :D
  • SnotlingTime to get this one on the front page again!
  • SnotlingYAY!
  • styLesdavisGood luck for your upcoming group stage at HSC tod…
  • SnotlingGo look out for that probe :D
  • Irrational_AnGL today. Pls no dumb mistakes!
  • DattelnSend them to the wall :)
  • SnotlingAwesome ZvZ against Slam!
  • Liquid`TLOThanks ^_^ I would have went to open bracket of …
  • HolytornadosGrats on making MLG and beating Jjakji in the Team…
  • jackslaterGratz to TLO!
  • Irrational_AnNice that you made it to MLG!
  • Snotlingalso: roach/sporecrawler op :D
  • superpanda273 wins in a row vs Yoda, absolutely amazing play a…
  • SnotlingYAY. great comeback. better creepspread :D
  • Snotlingthe overlord creeping on the island made me happy …
  • SnotlingAwesome games vs revenge, looking very dominant. …
  • sCnInfinityTLO just won the Tournament with a 3-2 win over Ax…
  • Irrational_AnNow you will have to live with the creative label …
  • tiliI had a good laugh at this title...... Though stop…
  • BlaChaReally ?!?!
  • SilentchiLLPutting yourself at a disadvantage because you dis…
  • BlaChaOh please don't ! It's killing the game to play t…
  • Liquid`TLOI agree I need to overcome my reluctance to play s…
  • nimbimSorry it didn't work out for you today. Next time …
  • Irrational_AnTT... Well, I think the reluctance to play sh mad…
  • PromethelaxNext time! You will be the champion.
  • marcesrPlease beat the Korean! :)
  • Irrational_AnAgreed! GL vs the 2 base specialists!
  • SnotlingYay! Hyped for TLOvP tomorrow!
  • PromethelaxWell played TLO! Always watching and rooting for y…
  • movaccongrats on beating Jjakji for 3rd place at SeatSt…
  • Topp3rhar13yGood Job in Seatstory cup! In 3rd Place matches u …
  • HolytornadosYou're getting closer and closer to that first pla…
Name: Dario Wünsch
ID: Liquid`TLO
Race: Zerg
Age: 24
Nationality: Germany
One of four brothers, Dario “TLO” Wünsch was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1990. Learning to read long before grade school due to his early exposure to computers, he cut his Real Time Strategy teeth early on via Blizzard’s original RTS game, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. More...


Recent News

Gfinity G3

Bunny, Snute, and TLO compete at the Gfinity G3 LAN in London!
August 2 2014 | 1:46 pm

WCS: TLO, Bunny

TLO and Bunny play in the first day of WCS Europe Season 3 Challenger. TLO has a fairly easy match-up on paper, but Bunny got as unlucky as you can get.
July 29 2014 | 2:42 pm


Liquid vs Acer is the new/not-so-new Sc2 rivalry, and it's time to pick a side. Can the all-foreign line-up for Liquid defeat INnoVation and company?
July 27 2014 | 1:04 pm


Liquid faces Acer in the second round of the ATC Season 3 Playoffs with the winner booking a spot in the finals!
July 10 2014 | 1:40 pm
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