Name: Dario Wünsch Age: 25 Country: Germany Liquipedia Profile


  • IEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo
  • HomeStory Cup VII
  • SeatStory Cup
  • @LiquidTLO @AndreiLaza1 but TI is always going to be more game focused and serious. Which I think fits the tournament 9 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @AndreiLaza1 yea as a player I appreciate that more hehe but there's some fun banter too, depends on the caster setup 9 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @Gowerly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 9 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @AndreiLaza1 Hmm usually I find the dota2 casting much higher level than sc2 but haven't listened in much yet. 9 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @the_smog_ No love for broodmother? raaaawr 9 hours
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