Name: Dario Wünsch Age: 24 Country: Germany Liquipedia Profile


  • @LiquidTLO @5m4llP0X Meth would at least have made me play better probably :D 2 days
  • @LiquidTLO @FeedMeSC2 @TeamLiquidPro @LiquidNazgul @TeamRazer shhh :P 2 days
  • @LiquidTLO Also a reminder of the worst timing ever, that picture was taken right before my GSL match and you still see my chickenpox spots what a joke 2 days
  • @LiquidTLO 5 years ago joined @TeamLiquidPro more than a 1/5th of my life! Thanks for everything @LiquidNazgul and @TeamRazer 2 days
  • @LiquidTLO @WarreNSC2 @SaintSnorlax please unit selection of 12, fucking casual. Warcraft1 had 4 and no rally points. Real skill. 2 days
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