TLO and you made $2487.97 for Doctors Without Borders

By riptide
12:08 May 27 2011
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That's right! The rumours are true. In just 24 hours of Starcraft, Dario “TLO” Wünsch and 200,000 unique viewers made Doctors Without Borders $2487.97 dollars. That's more than $100/h, for playing Starcraft! We had a quick chat with Dario himself about the event, the earnings and what he thought of it all.

Hi Dario! How are you doing? Fully recovered and back to a normal sleep cycle?

Hey! Doing okay, still thrown of a little bit, haha, but I am waking up at normal times again.

What was the most challenging thing about streaming for 24h? Did it go the way you thought it would?

The most challening part was probably that I already went into to being quite exhausted. The day before I casted the Swedish WCG qualifier for 9 hours and then TL attack. I was very busy that weekend! After a while it also became a battle against CTS the pain didnt get less over time.

What kept you going through all that, though? Why was reaching 24h so important to you?

I wanted to prove to myself that I could do that despite my handicap. I told people I wanted to go 24hours. I also wanted to show those people who think I am quitter and never go through with things that I am in fact a hard worker. Having so much support by all my friends and fans made it a alot easier to complete the task as well.

Anyway, let's get on to what everyone wants to know! How much did we earn last week for Doctors Without Borders?

So far it looks like $2487.97 USD, but I can't give a definite answer until we actually receive the money because the stats might be off a little bit. That's how it looks so far, though. Additionally, a lot of people were sending out personal donations to msf.org, so we can only guess how much more came together in that way. It's probably a very respectable sum in itself!

All in all, are you satisfied with the event? Would you do it again?

Yea it was amazing. I think we had a peak of 26k people at one point and were constantly over 10k! That is so amazing. It made me truly happy to see people supporting the cause so strongly. The viewers were fantastic and I learned a lot about myself that day as well.

Indeed! It was a great event. Thanks for organizing it, Dario, and good luck, have fun as you head into the rest of the year!

If Starcraft Without Borders showed us anything, it was that E-Sports is now at a stage where it can really be a driving force in the community. With that in mind, we look forward to seeing more progamers attempting charity events like this in the near future. SC2 fighting!
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