Liquid` DreamHack Replays

By Ares[Effort]
00:17 July 08 2011
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Graphics by SilverskY

Watching Liquid` games always makes for a good night, and for the sake of preserving E-Sports history, we brought all of the DreamHack Summer 2011 Liquid` games together for you in a nice, little bundle.

Liquid` arrived in Jönköping with the whole roster and gave tens-of-thousands of fans an unforgettable show. Huk took the spotlight with his 19-3, first-place finish, but Tyler, Ret, Haypro and Jinro had a wealth of extremely exciting, entertaining, and educational games as well.

Since DreamHack is super-awesome and gives full access to tournament replays, we decided that it would be a good idea to track down all of the Liquid` ones, organize them, and pack them together for your viewing pleasure! Of course, during the process we had to take some breaks, grab a sandwich, and watch a replay or two. Here are our "top 5" Liquid replays, and the Liquid` replay bundle to download. Enjoy!

#5 Jinro vs Elfi Game 2

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What is that colossus attacking?

A bunch of back and forth fights until the last attack, which was pure art. Jinro lifts up a command center and flies it into Elfi's army, and then attacks with his whole army while half of Elfi's units are hitting the CC.

#4 Jinro vs Elfi Game 1

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Kite those zealots ~

Jinro pulled some nice micro tactics early on and later into the game, tried to out-position his opponent with a smaller army to win the game (i.e having Elfi's units walk into a planetary).

#3 HuK vs LaLush Game 2

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Epic fight!

Really epic game. LaLush with his insane macro is literally up 40 supply 11 mins into the game but HuK holds it with some well placed forcefields. Then it turns into huge armies clashing one after another for 20 mins straight! Also, HuK gives TL a shoutout via pylons!

#2 HuK vs Moon Game 1

[image loading]
Blinking stalkers into mutas a useful talent toi have.

Very close game. Both players' APM spiked at 400+ when they had to micro in two different parts of the map, and macro at the same time. Huk and Moon made every unit count.

#1 HayprO vs Bomber Game 2

[image loading]
Dat Fungal.

Who wasn't excited when HayprO vs Bomber started? Our Swedish hero went up against a fierce opponent who was up one game. HayprO played beautifully and controlled his units very well by counter attacking and swinging his army around Bomber's, forcing the Terran to give up his position and defend. Also - epic fungals!

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