Ret, Sheth and Tyler to practice at Red Bull LAN

By tree.hugger
10:16 September 30 2011
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Sometimes, the Starcraft2 scene can feel like a never-ending grind of tournaments; big and small, weeklys and annual LANs melding into one big abstract painting of starcraft action. But this weekend comes along an event quite unique for the SC2 scene, and TLAF-Liquid` is right in the middle of it.

The premise of the Red Bull LAN is simple; create the optimal practice conditions, invite some of the best players in the world, and give them three days to fine-tune their play before a major tournament. In late June of this year, Red Bull invited its sponsored Halo players and their teams to a specially created facility in New York (East Coast), where they prepared for MLG Anaheim (West Coast). This time, the LAN travels to sunny Santa Monica, California (West Coast) to help the Halo players, and a select group of starcraft2 prepare for MLG Orlando. (East Coast, go figure) Not only is this a really neat event, but it's certainly exciting to see a sponsor of Red Bull's caliber getting involved in Sc2. Who knows what the future holds?

Taking part in the action this weekend will be a diverse group of pro's, including three of Liquid`s very own; (Z)Ret, (Z)Sheth, and (P)Tyler, all of whom have MLG pool play to get ready for. This is all extremely exciting for the players, but for the kids at home, five hours of every day, starting at 01:00 UTC (+00:00) will be streamed live at RedBullUSA.com/LAN. Day9 (who else?) will be hosting. The coverage starts tonight, September 30th!

To talk about the upcoming event and his expectations for it, TLPro caught up with Ret just before he left to catch his plane.

Hey! So you're about to head off to the Red Bull LAN in California, what are you hoping to get out of it?
Ret: Games with Bomber.

Is there any specific part of your game that you intend to work on at the LAN? Preparing for HongUn? Preparing for Bomber?
Ret: Hmm, I think I figured out ZvP already, so I wouldn't know how to approach preparing for Hongun other than scouting well. I am mostly excited about getting to work on my ZvT with Bomber. Its been like 9 months since I last got to play with Korean terrans and they are so far ahead of everyone else. There's so many good ones at IPL and MLG, I really want to use this time to get ready for Korean TvZ.

Speaking of Korea, how do you think this short, intensive period of practice will compare to your practice in the oGs-TL house?
Ret: Well it should be quite a bit different, since I heard Red Bull will treat us extremely well and I won't have to sleep in a bunk bed. :D But a few days can't quite compare to months of playing on the Korean server.

You'll be going to the LAN with your teammates Sheth and Tyler. What are your expectations for Team Liquid as a group at the LAN?
Ret: I plan on looking closely at Sheth and how he manages to be so good when he plays with the keyboard on his lap! It's been intriguing me for quite some time now... As for Tyler, I really hope he uses this time wisely because he has what it takes to be the best protoss in NA easily. I'm hoping to play a lot with them and hopefully we can motivate each other. Also it's always fun to be with my teammates cause of all them are cool ppl.

Anyone who you would have liked to see at the LAN?
Ret: Other than NesTea obviously, I don't really have anyone in particular.

Well, that's all I have. I think everyone is looking forward to seeing how this event plays out. Any shoutouts?
Ret: Hmm, I don't really have any shoutouts. Thanks to Red Bull for organizing this cool opportunity!

It's going to be an extremely busy month for Liquid`, starting with Jinro at IEM Guangzhou, and the Red Bull LAN this weekend, then IPL3 in Atlantic City next weekend, and with MLG Orlando on the horizon two weekends from now. It isn't always this way, but it seems like all of Liquid` is playing at a great level right now, so expectations are high. Check TLPro to follow the boys in blue through the month! Liquid` Fighting!
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