HerO we go again: GSL Code A

By tree.hugger
23:10 February 13 2012
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Graphics by SilverskY

Problem? HerO takes the series convincingly. A blink stalker timing catches Line with his pants down in game one, and in the second game, HerO holds some roach drop schenanigans, while teching, expanding, and scouting like a boss. When the final army comes out, it's no contest.

2-0! On to EGJYP!

kr Liquid`HerO < Antiga Shipyard > kr ZeNexLine
kr Liquid`HerO < Entombed Valley > kr ZeNexLine
kr Liquid`HerO < Daybreak > kr ZeNexLine

It's been nearly a month since we last covered the GSL, as Zenio placed third in his Code S group and unfortunately dropped down to the second round of Code A. But tonight, Liquid` blue will be present in the GOM studio again, as HerO makes his third appearance for TLAF-Liquid` in Code A. On both previous occasions, HerO has beaten his first opponent, only to fall out in the following round. Last season it got him into the Up/Down matches, where he narrowly missed advancing.

The line between Code S and Code A is ever-blurrier, but it's well past time for HerO to take his obvious skill and talent and put it to use in dominating Code A and earning the Code S spot he has worked so hard for. The catch is that this time is that HerO will face a particularly dangerous opponent; the senior member of ZeNex; Line. The zerg has been around for as long as HerO has, and knocked him out of the WCG qualifiers. An able ZvPer, HerO may be tested in this GSL match in a way he hasn't before.

GSL Code A: First Round, Day Three
Tuesday, Feb 18 9:10am UTC (GMT+00:00)

kr Liquid`HerO < Antiga Shipyard > kr ZeNexLine
kr Liquid`HerO < Entombed Valley > kr ZeNexLine
kr Liquid`HerO < Daybreak > kr ZeNexLine (If necessary)

The match will be the third of the day, which means you should turn in as soon as possible to the starting time in order to catch it. There's a ton of PvZ to start off the day, and then HerO will get to show everyone how it's done. The key in this match-up, as always, will be how HerO is feeling. Line is a good opponent, but more importantly, he's a battle-tested one. HerO is better technically, but he needs to have the mental toughness to take on Line. He'll have support in the studio from TheWind and HayprO, but with your support at home, and by writing in his fanclub, you can help give him the confidence he needs to once again progress in Code A, and take the next big step of his career.

HerO Fighting!
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