NASL3 W3: Room to Improve

By tree.hugger
01:04 April 27 2012

Week two of the NASL ended better than the first, with Zenio recovering with a strong performance against GoSuHwangSin, and Ret and HerO also chipping in their second victories of the season. But still, with 3-3 on the week, TLAF-Liquid can't rest easy with the team's results so far. There's more practicing to be done, and more room to improve. This is a delayed recap, thanks to the EG MC match from last night, and Zenio and HayprO have already strutted their stuff; playing each other in an entertaining series won 2-1 by the Korean. Tonight, Tyler is back in action alongside HerO, and the rest of the week will fill out nicely, with only Sheth on break.

NASL3 Week Two!
Saturday, Apr 26 1:00am UTC (GMT+00:00) to
Monday, Apr 28 11:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

EU Rebroadcasts at 17:00 UTC (+00:00)
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This is how the week is looking:

Group A — kr Liquid`Zenio and se Liquid`HayprO
As mentioned above, Zenio and HayprO met in their group teamkill last night, giving the fans a fun three game series that ended with Zenio coming out victorious. While that puts Zenio in a solid 2-1 position in his group, HayprO is now at 0-2 and has some catching up to do. Plenty of time to do it, however!

Group B — kr Liquid`HerO and us Liquid`NonY
Group B has been the most enjoyable group in the first two weeks, with HerO looking sublime on two occasions and NonY looking great against aTn.DarKFoRcE, as well. This week, HerO meets up with his old Code A nemesis in iS.CrazymovING, while NonY gets a serious challenge in the form of SlayerS_Ryung. While HerO is definitely expected to win—having achieved Code S since they last met, while CrazymovING has sadly remained in Code B—NonY will have a much tougher time. In beating EG's DeMusliM 3-1 in IPL's Ye Old Map Tournament a few days ago, there's definitely a kernel of hope, and anyone who's paid attention knows how much stronger NonY is playing recently. But still, it'll be an uphill battle to keep the undefeated Liquid Group B streak alive in this third week.

Group C — de Liquid`TLO
TLO's NASL didn't get any better last week, as he fell 1-2 to the extremely strong Gamania.Sen. This week presents a different opportunity; against mouz.MaNa, whom TLO 2-0'd at Dreamhack: Stockholm. But ZvP remains a sore spot for TLO, as for MaNa, and so this match might be a scrappy one. Perhaps the edge ought to go to TLO simply for the Dreamhack performance, but it will not be easy. It's surely a must-win for TLO, however, as taking three losses so early on would be digging a deep hole.

Group D — nl Liquid`Ret
After taking a W.O. in week one, Ret showed that he can win without any help just fine, defeating the dangerous (and DH: Stockholm winning) mouz.ThorZaIN by a 2-1 score. This week, the opponent is FXO.LoWeLy, who is certainly less famous, but a dangerous player nonetheless. ZvZ is tricky, even if Ret has been playing it well recently, and the droning dutchman cannot take this match-up too lightly. If he perseveres, however, at 3-0 he'll be in a brilliant position. With the toughest opponents on paper in the back of his schedule, it's essential that Ret cleans house early.

Group E— se Liquid`Jinro and us Liquid`Sheth
Sheth, who has been dominating in teamleagues for Liquid, has had a miserable start to his NASL campaign, losing to Tt.White-Ra and inFi.TargA by 1-2 scores. This week, he has a bye to collect his thoughts and prepare for SlayerS_Puzzle. Jinro has also had a tough start, but against two strong opponents in SK.MC and mouz.MorroW, falling to both also by 1-2 scores. This week, he has White-Ra, an opponent that he certainly can beat. After playing MC so closely, Jinro should be happy with his TvP. Hopefully he can get in the win column this week and take revenge for Sheth.

Liquid` Fighting!

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