Liquid vs Alternate ATTAX in EG MC

By tree.hugger
17:54 May 07 2012
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Last week, the boys in blue took care of business against Millenium, with a 3-1 win that righted the ship for now, and keeps Liquid's playoff hopes alive until the next time. This week, Liquid kicks off the action against a struggling Alternate team. Despite putting together some good performances, the German based aTn has only found success against It's GoSu, and sits right now at a 1-6 record. They'll be playing for pride against a Liquid squad hungry for more wins.

Everything is a must-win for Liquid at this point. Let's go.

[image loading] Team Liquid` vs [image loading] Alternate ATTAX
Tuesday, May 08 2:00am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VII
Stream Link!

The card tonight starts off immediately with an exciting match-up, as Jinro takes on ClouD. We haven't seen the gorilla terran in the EG MC yet, but we'll see him tonight in his favorite match-up, and against the Cookie Monster, who has really looked great recently. This should be an exciting series to begin the action.

Next up, Zenio will take on DarKFoRcE, whose ZvZ is probably his best match-up, and will present a challenge for the Korean. That said, Z has shown great mirror play in the past, and he'll definitely be favored to take the second series. Another Liquid zerg follows up, as Sheth goes to battle against Delphi, in another mirror. Alternate's second German zerg has had success in the EG MC, but not as much as DF, and remains in his teammate's shadow. He's a strong player as well, however, but Sheth has been an absolute beast in Liquid teamleagues, and at this point, we have confidence with Sheth in a teamleague against anybody.

Finally, the fourth set will feature TaeJa against Socke, another player who has been excellent all around, but has struggled to assert himself in the EG MC. This is the night's only non-mirror, and only match featuring a protoss! Of course, TaeJa will be favored to win here as well, but in his worst match-up, cross server against the dangerous Socke, this should still prove to be a thrilling battle.

se Liquid`Jinro < Starter: Shakuras Plateau > it aTn.ClouD
kr Liquid`Zenio < Starter: Metropolis > de aTn.DarKFoRcE
us Liquid`Sheth < Starter: Dual Sight > de aTn.Delphi
kr Liquid`TaeJa < Starter: Sandshorn Mist > de aTn.Socke
Ace < Starter: Bel'Shir Beach Winter > Ace

Make sure to watch tonight's match, especially because next week, Liquid's scheduled opponent, Vile, has dropped out, leaving the match un-played. So next week will be sadly Liquid-less. Get your fix now then!

Liquid Fighting!

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