Liquid` vs Dignitas in IPL TAC!

By tree.hugger
16:24 May 16 2012
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Here we go again!

TLAF-Liquid is back in the IPL TAC, and ready to roll. Last season's theme was 'Redemption' and Liquid delivered, defeating coL, EG, and TSL to take sixth place. This season there are more teams, and with the announcement of the IPTL after this season, the stakes are even higher.

So for IPL TAC 3, the theme will be 'Win Everything'. Get ready.

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Wednesday, May 16 10:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

EU Rebroadcast: Thursday, May 17 5:30pm UTC (GMT+00:00)
Stream Link!

The action kicks off for TL tonight against Dignitas, who was the last, but certainly best known of the qualifiers. We wouldn't have it any other way. Dignitas scored an upset against Liquid in the first week of the EG MC, and now the boys in blue will look to return the favor. Target #1 is SjoW, who won twice, including a 2-1 over HerO in ace. But Dignitas has a deep and talented line-up, so the challenge won't simply end there. SeleCT, KiLLeR, BlinG, Bischu, meRz, and DreAm all represent a strong threat.

Just like last season, Liquid is taking every match here seriously. A win gives TL a series against Mousesports, which is a rivalry match that is hard to pass up. A loss would put a damper on the season to say the least. One of the best parts about the IPL TAC is that every match feels like a must-win. It takes a herculean effort to make up for a loss.

With that in mind, we're coming out firing. There will be no losses this time. Liquid is going all the way this season and it starts....

.... now.

Liquid Fighting!
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