Shiny Things Launches Sudoku Touch!

By tree.hugger
21:55 May 27 2012
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Announcing Sudoku Touch!

It's been a weekend that's showcased the incredible talents of Liquid players, and today we're equally excited to showcase the talents of our sponsors! Team sponsor Shiny Things (a new brand from TLAF) has announced their first iOS app, Sudoku Touch. Liquid players participated in the pre-release test, now it's up on the App Store!

The app is incredibly simple to use, and it's seriously good fun. The sudoku works simply by selecting the box and drawing the appropriate number on the screen, which is really intuitive and quick. The game is stylish and smooth. And of course, the app has the Liquid advantage practically built in. It's a little worrying, actually, it's so addictive, hopefully it doesn't cut into any of the team's Sc2 practice...

Thankfully, TL staff have been crucial in sacrificing their time so the players don't have to. Don't feel sorry, it's for the greater good. Here's what our fearless leader, had to say when we were able to get him away from his phone for a moment:

"We actually have a couple people in our team that are into sudoku so we have been testing the new Sudoku Touch for some time now. The way Shiny Things (TLAF's new brand and our new sponsor) has incorporated the touch recognition of numbers is something I have never seen before and makes it incredibly convenient to play.

For Shiny Things this game is a big deal and they are hoping to do well with it. I can't stress enough how important they have been for the development of our team especially in our first year as professionals. As much as they have put into Liquid as well as other esports causes I hope that everyone who is a fan of us and a fan of sudoku will give this game a shot. You won't be disappointed, it really is the best sudoku game out there without a doubt."

      - Liquid`Nazgul

Here are a couple screenshots of the game in operation!

[image loading] [image loading] [image loading]

Oh, here it is in action! So shiny!

Please, tell your friends, neighbors, enemies, relations, dogs, and random people on the street about Sudoku Touch! And don't forget to follow @GetShinyThings on twitter, and spread the word on your favorite social networking sites! Happy Sudoku'ing!

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