Liquid vs MVP in IPL TAC 3! (Elimination Match)

By tree.hugger
13:25 July 25 2012
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(Wiki)IPL Team Arena Challenge/3/Main Event

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After three terrific wins in the upper bracket, Liquid's grace period came to an abrupt end at the hands of SlayerS last week. That loss has set up this week's match; a win or go home battle against MVP.

Although we've come so far already, making the winners bracket semi-finals and securing a spot in the IPTL and the top six of the tournament, a loss tonight would end TAC3 with Liquid sitting exactly where we sat last season; in 5th/6th place. That's not so fun; our goal going into TAC3 was to win the whole thing, but at the very least show some improvement over the last time.

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Tuesday, Jul 24 11:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

EU Rebroadcast: Wednesday, Jul 25 5:30pm UTC (GMT+00:00)
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The opponents this week are no easier than the last, which means Liquid will need to step up its game to take the victory. MVP is DongRaeGu territory, of course, but has a tremendous amount of talent behind him. Just their other zergs are intimidating. Sniper has been absolutely on fire recently and Monster is equally deadly, having all-killed EG earlier in the TAC. Their protoss line with finale, Lure, TAiLS, and Vampire has yet to breakout, but their repeatedly strong teamleague performances show that they have the trust of the team. And their terran are powerful as well. Led by KeeN, who recently qualified for TSL4 and made Code S Ro16, and backed up by Dream and sC, it's clear that MVP has no real weak spots.

With so many solid players at their disposal, in all three races, it'll be hard for Liquid to pull off any clever snipes, at least beyond the near certainty that we'll see DRG and Sniper. Instead, the remedy to beat MVP lies less in clever line-ups and more in the simple command; play better.

kr Liquid`TaeJa < Antiga Shipyard > kr MVP.TAiLS

The opening match hints teases the epicness to follow. The map is Antiga Shipyard, and we're opening with none other than TaeJa, the MLG Summer Arena champion, and a current semi-finalist in the ESV Grand Prix II. In MVP's corner, they've sent out TAiLS. For the boys in blue. the hope is that TaeJa will be able to take some early wins, or draw out DRG and Sniper, who could then be sniped themselves.

Sitting in reserve is HerO, and he will play a vital role in this match. Along with TaeJa, his goal will be to take out MVP' biggest guns. He recently defeated DRG in two straight series at the Hot Import Nights Fight Club, so a HerO victory in the battle of the aces, and with it, a Liquid triumph, is within reach.

Liquid Fighting!

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