Sheth talks MLG, IPL TAC and more!

By tree.hugger
21:46 August 22 2012
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A Short Interview with us [image loading] Liquid`Sheth

Hey, thanks for speaking with us! How's it going in general? It's been a while since we heard from you.

Liquid`Sheth: Pretty well getting in a good schedule lately. Been playing a lot and starting back up streaming! Good times all around.

Coming up this weekend is MLG Summer Championships in Raleigh. You've got a spot in the groups! How do you feel about your chances?

Sheth: Well, its going to be tough. My goal is always to get into group play. Once there anything can happen. Now that I'm in, showing and winning some good games vs the top koreans in my group is my new goal!

At the MLG Summer Arena, you had a disappointing showing, what happened there?

Sheth: I played pretty badly.. I just hadn't had a good practice schedule and it was just a pretty disapointing event. Wish I could have played better. ZvZ is still my worst match up at the moment though so we'll see!

Even though the results weren't good on paper, you played some excellent games, especially against Ryung. What did you take away from that series and that tournament overall?

Sheth: Well, just that I have a lot of work to do. I've been playing a lot lately and working on some new builds. We'll have to see if my work is paying off.

Perhaps it is, as you just scored a big win 6-4 against Kas in the Pokerstrategy.com League!

Sheth: I'm really happy to beat Kas, he threw me off when he gave me the free win, NOT once, but twice and then after 20 minutes came back and as if it was nothing, and wanted to keep playing.

What are your thoughts on that series?

Sheth: I enjoyed the games, and had an fps problem on the later matches, but once I fixed that I won the last one and took it 6-4 so I'm pretty happy!

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What do you feel is the strongest part of your game right now? The weakest?

Sheth: The strongest part of my game is my ZvP and I'd like to say my ability to read what an opponent is going to do a little ahead of time. The weakest is probably my micro.

You've scored big wins against Koreans in the past, but it seems that quite often you play extremely well but fall just short. Do you feel that way? (If you do) What do you think you need to do to get through that barrier?

Sheth: Probably need to go back to Korea. I' really looking into possibilities for me to do that again. I think it's the best way to maximize your playing time. I think even 5 hours playing on KR with no lag is better then something like 20 hours on NA. So it doesn't even matter how much time and effort you put into, its just with who you are practicing.

Koreans in particular seem very good at adapting to unfavorable late game scenarios, while foreigners seem to struggle to close out games. How should foreigners approach these types of scenarios?

Sheth: Its just a different type of game. It requires more skill to play a high level late game. Just more effort spent working on late game.

You seem to play a very scrappy, gutsy style. You make plenty of comebacks and stay in the game for much longer than you should if you're at a disadvantage. Do you feel that your tenacity is a big part of who you are as a player?

Sheth: Yea, I think having a good mind set in that situation is important. I hope I won't need many comebacks at raleigh, but then again thats a big part of the game!

In that sense, you and Zenio seem quite similar. You both often seem to choose substance over style. Is that accurate?

Sheth: I don't really know...

Just a thought. ^^

A week and a half ago, Liquid barely fell to LG-IM in the IPL TAC finals, but there's no denying that it was mostly TaeJa who kept Liquid in the game. What were your thoughts on the finals?

Sheth: I was really hoping to play a protoss like Seed or First and I was somewhat sad to get Losira. He played well and took me out. I'm really proud, and I'm sure all of TL is, of Taeja and how well he has been doing lately. I'd really like to start doing better too tho!

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Liquid's foreign roster has no shortage of accomplishments, but there is the perception that TaeJa and HerO in particular are pulling away. Is that accurate? What steps is the team taking to grow and improve at the same rate that TaeJa has showed?

Sheth: Yes its accurate. Ret going to a team house, TLO in Korea, me spending a lot of time practicing. We'll have to see how things go in the future..

How has your recent form been? What are you hoping to show at MLG?

Sheth: Good form. I'd like to get into groups! My ZvP is my best atm, and I can win in the other match ups as well. I'm pretty excited to play !

Alright well, thanks very much and we'll see you in Raleigh! Any last words and shoutouts?

Sheth: Thanks! I will do my best to give good games. Please try and watch if you can!: )

Sheth Fighting!

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