Liquid vs EG in the IPTL!

By tree.hugger
17:17 September 11 2012
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Many moons ago, Liquid faced off against EG in the IPL TAC. We opened with Sheth, and he never left the field, beating five consecutive EG players and logging one of this year's many highlights.

Remember that? ^^

Well, today, both teams look a little different. EG has picked up two of the strongest foreigners in the world, Stephano and ThorZaIN, as well as a rising American zerg in Suppy. In addition to their Korean stalwarts PuMa and JYP, this EG team is stronger than it's ever been before.

Good thing we are too. Since that fateful February encounter, we've added TaeJa, and he's improved like never before, dominating the summer and leading Liquid to teamleague victory after victory. HerO is also playing out of his mind, leading the Liquid charge into the GSL Sweet 16. Sheth played at his peak at MLG Raleigh, and behind the scenes TLO has been working hard to prepare for DH Valencia, while Ret has moved into the Ministry of Win in order to bolster his practice.

With two teams stepping up their game, tonight's showdown promises to be a dogfight with only one confirmed winner; the viewers.

Liquid vs EG
Thursday, Sep 11 11:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)
(Wiki)IPTL Season 1 Premier

This match ought to be interesting from a match-up perspective. Both teams have many available cards, although there's no use pretending that EG doesn't have a little more strategic flexibility given the racial balance and number of players. But a second dynamic to this match is that both teams have tremendous ace players. The pick-up of Stephano immediately makes him the EG ace, while we will trust TaeJa and HerO to close the match down. Given the parity of both teams, it's quite likely that the series could come down to the bitter end.

kr Liquid`Zenio < Khaydaria > uk EGDeMusliM.RC

The starters for both teams are fairly predictable; representing the two of the most well rounded players on both rosters. The map is (Wiki)Khaydaria, a new ESV creation that looks quite safe and standard. Both players ought to not be so intimidated by the new settings, and both are experienced starters, but given recent good play in the match-up, look for Z to be the favorite.

How it all unfolds from there is anyone's guess. But there's no doubt that both teams are excited and ready to go for this match. It's been a while since we played a teamleague against our rivals. In the interim, they've had some team success, but we've had more. We look forward to continuing that trend today, but most of all, we're looking forward to the thrill that only a clash between these teams can provide.

Liquid Fighting. Let's go.
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