Liquid vs Mousesports in EG Masters Cup

By tree.hugger
17:08 September 26 2012
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The EG Masters Cup started off well enough for Liquid, but in week two, the boys in blue hit a speedbump with a narrow loss to Acer. Truth be told, Liquid looks great in this teamleague, with a +4 advantage in actual games won, despite the 1-1 record. But the way this league works, you need to win a lot, and at the right time. So far, we've not quite fulfilled the latter part of that deal.

Tonight, it's time to put another check in the win column. The last season of the EG MC looked a lot like the first two days; good play overall, but some unforced errors leading to losses we couldn't afford. This season, it's doubly crucial that we deliver. That needs to happen against this week's opponents, a depleted Mousesports squad.

Liquid vs Mousesports
Saturday, Sep 27 1:00am UTC (GMT+00:00)

The line-ups from both teams are fairly predictable, especially given the fact that Mousesports only has four players. Still, there should be plenty of interesting match-ups to see unfold. HerO is making his debut in this season of EG MC; believe it or not, he did not play in either of our opening two matches. He'll be heavily favored against Protosser, even with his recent PvZ woes. Zenio has had a troubled teamleague so far, losing twice by 1-2 scores. Here, he has the difficult task of playing MaNa, who made Code S this past season and has been training in Korea. Of course, so has Zenio, but both players have had their ups and downs recently, and this match could go either way.

kr Liquid`HerO < Starter: Daybreak > fi mouz.Protosser
kr Liquid`Zenio < Starter: Entombed Valley > [image loading] mouz.MaNa
de Liquid`TLO < Starter: Antiga Shipyard > de mouz.HeRoMaRinE
nl Liquid`Ret < Starter: Ohana > de mouz.HasuObs

Ace < Starter: Daybreak > Ace

The second half of the match involves a lot of Germans, and one speaker of a very similar language to German! First, TLO will play HeRoMaRinE, who started with Mousesports as a developmental player. While the last time we played Mouz, HM wasn't a big threat, this time we're much more wary. The young German recently took second place and a cool 300 Euro in the GIGABYTE Nvidia Invitational 4. Luckily, we have TLO to counter, and despite an underwhelming finish at Dreamhack, it's clear that he got the short end of the stick in terms of group draw. He'll be favored against HM. Finally, to wrap it all up, we've gotten Ret vs HasuObs, which should favor Ret tremendously. While HasuObs is no doubt a good player, Ret has had his number, with a 9-1 lifetime record. In the TSL4 qualifiers, Ret crushed Hasu 3-0, and we're hoping for a similar result here!

If the match goes to ace, Mousesports probably only has one option: MaNa. For Liquid, TaeJa has appeared in the last two series as the ace, and that's a pretty good choice here, even though HerO is confident in PvP, TaeJa's TvP is a hard proposition to turn down in ace.

Don't miss tonight's match, as Liquid hopes to get back on track in the EG MC!

Liquid Fighting!

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