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By tree.hugger
16:45 October 02 2012
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HerO rolled through his opening Code S group, then showed a tremendous amount of guts to overcome his PvP demons and advance into his second Ro8 of the year. This achievement alone puts HerO among an elite group of players to have such sustained success. But the last time, HerO made the semi-finals, and this tournament, HerO is aiming even higher. Read on to hear HerO's thoughts on his past group and how he's approaching his next opponent; the leader of the elephant herd, SKT1_by.Rain!

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Thanks for speaking with us, and congrats on making the GSL Ro8! How do you feel about your play this season?

Liquid`HerO: Thank you. I'm not 100% satisfied with my play, but I'm satisfied with the fact that it feels like it's improving little by little.

Many people are saying that your play is the most confident you've ever been, do you feel that way?

HerO: I'm trying myself to play more confidently, and it's going well and giving me more confidence.

The image of you as a player with nerve problems is changing after you came back from Code A and then came back in your Code S group last week. Do you feel a change?

HerO: I'm still nervous in games now, but even I can feel it's getting better for me.

Lets talk about your Ro16 group. Everyone thought you played amazing games against Leenock, but you still lost. What could you have improved in that series?

HerO: Personally, my hands felt clumsy and I don't think I played that well. I have to find a way to beat max-out infestor-brood lord if I want to beat Zergs in the future.

Do you think protoss has too much difficulty with zerg in the late game? You're one of the few players who seem to do alright against the zerg deathball.

HerO: In the past, I was of the mind that I would always win if the game went super late. But these days, Zerg players are good, and they put together compositions well, so it's tough to beat them in late games. I'll have to research how to win in those scenarios some more.

After you lost that first series against Leenock, what was running through your head?

HerO: Though I was in a group with all three races, I practiced mostly PvZ thinking that I would take a win in the initial match. I was really taken aback by losing the first match, and I was very disappointed. I remembered losing to Squirtle 0-3 in the semis, and that he was a very good PvP player, so I worried that I would be eliminated even if I went to the final match.

Your next opponent was Heart, who went for two cheese rushes. It didn't seem to catch you by surprise at all, and you won comfortably. How did you feel about those games?

HerO: Yes, I played thinking that I wouldn't lose if it went to macro games. I knew his style was cheese rushes and all-ins, so I played thinking of every possibility.

The last two players in the group were you and Squirtle. Squirtle is famous for his good PvP, and he beat you 3-0 in Season 2. Were you thinking about this? Did you feel like the underdog?

HerO: Yes, I recalled the time I lots to him, and was worried that PvP was going to stop me yet again. However, I didn't think I was a worse player than him, so I thought that I could win as well.

Game one was very close. For a moment or two, it seemed like Squirtle might hold the attack. Did you ever think about typing GG, or were you confident that if you microed well enough you could always take it?

HerO: It kept looking like I would break through, but somehow he kept holding, so I honestly thought about GG'ing out. Still, I told myself that I would just take it to the very end and focused on my micro, so I was able to win.

You researched +1 air attack. Did you ever notice?

HerO: Yes, LOL, I found out after the game. I didn't even know I had pressed it during the game T_T.

After the first game, you only had to win one more game to advance. How did you feel at that moment?

HerO: Because I won a game I thought I had lost in the first game, I gained a lot of confidence. I focused on calming myself down because I was on a high from that win.

In the second game, you had a big build order advantage because you went blink on Entombed, which is not so common. Did you anticipate stargate from Squirtle?

HerO: Squirtle uses Stargate play a lot, and even if he didn't, I was confident I could turn it into a macro game, so I went with the strategy I can execute the best in blink stalkers.

What was the moment you knew you had won and would move on to your second GSL Ro8?

HerO: When I contained him, then used force-fields and blink to trap and kill his two immortals.

Because you advanced in second, you will avoid TaeJa. Does it feel good to not have a teamkill for once?

HerO: At first I thought I wanted to advance as first, team kill or not. I just don't like to lose, and going through as second place is dangerous. Still, I'm happy that I got through in second place now and avoided a team kill with TaeJa. Win or lose, I always feel uncomfortable when we have to face each other in other tournaments. Personally I hate team kills the most T_T

Instead, your opponent will be SKT1's by.Rain, who has been the most successful KeSPA player. He recently beat PartinG 3-1 in the OSL. Thoughts on him as a player?

HerO: I think he's the best KeSPA player, and when you watch him you can tell he's a good player.

Did you know or play each other in BW?

HerO: No, I only heard of his ID.

From WCS, you have become known as a KeSPA-killer. What is your secret for defeating so many KeSPA players, when many of the eSF players have failed?

HerO: I don't have any particular secret. I think I won because I just think of them as another progamer like myself, and did my best to win.

You've said you have more confidence in PvP lately, and your win against Squirtle seemed to prove that you have gotten better in the mirror MU. What's changed in your play?

HerO: I think I've become better at reading games.

Any words for TaeJa as he goes up against Leenock?

HerO: You have to win, so we can meet each other in the finals!!!

What are your personal goals this season?

HerO: My first goal is to do my best in all my given games and show entertaining games to everyone. If reach the finals, it would really, really, really be like a dream come true. But I think my goal is just to do my best to win in the games immediately ahead of me.

Any final comments?

HerO: Thanks to all my fans for giving me strength whether I win or lose. You give me the strength to go on even when the going is tough, and you're the reason I'm a progamer. I'm always thankful to you guys. Don't forget about Liquid`HerO, because I'm always working hard even when you can't see me. Just cheer for me like now, and I'll always do my best. Also, there are a lot of people on TeamLiquid who work hard outside of the spotlight, so please show TeamLiquid a lot of love!

If there's any weekend to scrap your sleep schedule, this is it. HerO's Code S Ro8 match goes live tonight! TaeJa tomorrow. This is going to be a momentous week for Liquid, as we once again aim to go further in the GSL than any other foreign-scene team ever has. Make sure to post your encouragement in HerO's fanclub, and tweet your support @Liquid_HerO. As HerO's answers here attest, it makes a huge difference!

HerO fighting!

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