Liquid vs Empire in EG Masters Cup

By tree.hugger
17:52 October 04 2012
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Last week, Liquid continued the trend of 3-2 wins, with a victory over Mousesports. That win bring Liquid to 2-1 on the season, with each match going to ace. While we'd prefer to be winning with a little more of a margin of error, we can't be disappointed with wins. And to add to that, Liquid is +7 in terms of actual games won this season, even taking more overall games in our one loss to Acer. We're playing well.

This week, Liquid draws a stiff test in the beasts from the east, Empire. The one great bastion of foreign terrans, Empire also has earned a 2-1 record in their matches so far, but holds the edge over Liquid in the standings based on how many series have been won. A win here for Liquid would put the boys in blue among the league leaders, a loss would put the team on a path similar to last season's disappointing 6-5 finish. Time to do work.

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Sunday, Oct 05 1:00am UTC (GMT+00:00)


The most interesting match of the bunch will of course be the debut of Liquid`Sea who will be hoping to make a splash (haha, this will never get old) against Happy. But backing him up will be a strong line-up, including TaeJa against Kas, Ret against Beastyqt, and TLO against TheMista. While we feel pretty confident in all of these match-ups, we know from experience that somebody will find a way to lose and that we'll go to an ace match.

All these matches should be pretty excellent as well. TaeJa vs Kas is an obvious highlight, but Beastyqt and Ret should provide a share of the fireworks as well. TLO will get to show his European form against TheMista, perhaps the match we're most confident about, as TLO's reputation still hasn't caught up to his results in practice.

kr Liquid`TaeJa < Starter: Cloud Kingdom > ua Empire|Kas
nl Liquid`Ret < Starter: Daybreak > [image loading] Empire|Beastyqt
de Liquid`TLO < Starter: Whirlwind > gr Empire|TheMista
kr Liquid`Sea < Starter: Entombed Valley > [image loading] Empire|Happy
Ace < Starter: Atlantis Spaceship > Ace

If the match comes to ace (who am I kidding, of course it'll go to ace), the boys in blue have a couple good options. TaeJa has naturally been the go-to so far, but against a terran-heavy line like Empire, HerO is another solid choice. TLO as well is a possibility, as his confidence against European opposition is sky high right now.

Either way, this match ought to be a fun one, and since everyone seems to like terran now, it's a great time to tune in. but especially for Sea's debut, where we'll see where he's at now and how far he has to go, this ought to be a must watch.

Liquid Fighting!

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