Sea vs HyuN in IPL Fight Club!

By tree.hugger
21:11 October 15 2012
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It's been a while since we last saw Liquid in the IPL Fight Club. In the time since, TSL_HyuN has beaten HerO and Sheth's three match winning stream record... and then some. His nine series run is an astounding achievement, and one that we're trying to end tonight. Our newest member and fellow elephant, Liquid`Sea is HyuN's next opponent. They play in just a few hours! So far, every Liquidian has taken at least one Fight Club victory. Can Sea keep up the trend?

kr [image loading] Liquid`Sea vs kr [image loading] TSL_HyuN
Wednesday, Oct 15 11:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The truth is, this is going to be quite hard. HyuN is a different animal entirely. His collection of scalps includes FnaticRC.aLive, whom he 5-0'd, and 5-3 wins over FXOGuMiho and ByuNPrime in the past two weeks. HyuN is seemingly immune to cheese and deadly in standard games. Sea isn't favored here, and his development as a Sc2 player is still a work in progress, even as he improves daily on his stream.

All that said, Sea was a better BW player than HyuN, and they both played on the same team. Perhaps there are some tricks or mindgames that our champion has in store. It's also possible that it will take an elephant to kill an elephant, and so Sea will be the first ex-BW player to take on HyuN and test that hypothesis.

Make sure to tune in tonight to IPL Fight Club. It's a Bo9 for $1400 (with HyuN's bounty)!

Sea Fighting!

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