Liquid vs EG in the EG Masters Cup!

By tree.hugger
10:50 October 20 2012
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Last time was last time. It's in the past. We're over it. Liquid fell out in the IPTL, while EG has advanced to the playoffs. Good for them. But in the EG Masters Cup, the story has been completely different. Liquid stands in solid position; just out of the playoff line. Meanwhile, EG has tanked terribly and now sits at 0-5.

Last week, Liquid suffered a bad defeat at the hands of Fnatic. The truth is, Liquid's results have only been adequate in this teamleague, with a lot of games won at the last second in ace. It's time to get that teamleague mojo back. Liquid swore revenge for the IPTL defeat. This is the opportunity for us to bury EG's home-tournament hopes once and for all. No excuses, and no room for error.

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Monday, Oct 20 6:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)


It turns out that both teams were thinking about the same things in picking line-ups. It's mirror madness. The symmetry goes beyond just the races. HerO will take on his evil twin JYP. TLO and Suppy will square off in a battle of fan-favorite zergs. Sea and ThorZaIN are the junior terrans on both teams. TaeJa and DeMusliM are the longest serving terrans in either roster. No worries about racial balance in the results tonight, at least unless it gets to ace.

These match-ups are exactly what you'd like to see as a Liquid fan. HerO is among the elite in PvP, and his strong Code S performance is a notch above JYP's. TLO is also on the ball, and his run through the EU ladder made pretty clear his strength against foreign opposition. TaeJa is also the favorite against DeMusliM. The only place in which Liquid looks to be at a slight disadvantage is when Sea will play ThorZaIN. Our lovable newest recruit is still a work in progress, losing to Empire's Happy two weeks ago. But he did defeat FnaticRC.J last week as TL's only win. So ThorZaIN should still be on notice.

kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO < Starter: Atlantis Spaceship > kr [image loading] EGJYP.RC
de [image loading] Liquid`TLO < Starter: Antiga Shipyard > us [image loading] EGSuppy.RC
kr [image loading] Liquid`Sea < Starter: Daybreak > se [image loading] EGThorZaIN.RC
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < Starter: Entombed Valley > uk [image loading] EGDeMusliM.RC

What's left? Well of course, EG is a great team. To beat them, you need to do more than simply show up and make a good line-up. So far, Liquid has really failed to put together a solid performance in the EG MC. It's fitting that the team is currently at 3-2, because that's the score by which we've gotten all our wins. This upcoming match is the difference between 3-3 and firmly behind in the playoff hunt, and 4-2 and with our destiny in hand. Perhaps getting the opportunity to put a capstone on EG's struggles in this league will be the motivation that gets the boys in blue back into teamleague gear. No time to waste. Let's go.

Liquid Fighting!

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