Winter is Coming: Four Liquid in Dreamhack Finals!

By tree.hugger
02:02 October 22 2012

This weekend, the last event of the 2012 Dreamhack circuit was played in Bucharest, Romania, with Liquid`TLO in attendance. With a strong Ro8 finish, TLO qualified for the final twenty four, joining TaeJa, Ret, and HerO. The quartet will converge in Jönköping at the end of No Sleep November, hoping to reprise the triumph of last year!

This weekend, TLO played yet another solid tournament that showed he deserves to be counted among Europe's best. Through three weeks on the continent, he smashed the EU ladder and lost only to Koreans like TheStC, HerO, and Rain before falling to Nerchio to end his Bucharest run. Now, he's back to Korea for an ambitious month of training!

Meanwhile, Ret was already mathematically qualified for DH Winter, and thus was able to move into his new apartment this weekend. HerO was almost certainly through, and the perfect storm of events that would've been needed did not happen. And with TaeJa's DH Valencia victory, he was already in, so no issues there!

Dreamhack Winter Qualification

Valencia Champion - kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa
4th in Points - nl [image loading] Liquid`Ret
7th in Points - kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO
10th in Points - de [image loading] Liquid`TLO

November, is looking absolutely ridiculous. With MLG Winter, WCS World Championships, Dreamhack, and IPL5 all lined up, nobody is going to be getting any work done on the weekends. This is the high season for starcraft, no period in the game's history has been this packed. Liquid is smack in the middle of it. And with everyone playing so well, there's plenty of reasons to look forward to the deluge.

Happy watching!

Liquid Fighting!
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