TaeJa starts GSL Season 5!

By tree.hugger
02:19 October 29 2012
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Graphics by SilverskY

It's that time again. The fifth and final GSL Code S of 2012 is ready to go at the GSL studios. Tonight's Group A features our very own TaeJa, who will battle against three protoss and terran opponents. It feels like I write this every season, but this Code S is even tougher than the last. There are elephants and there are the deadly eSF players that remain.

TaeJa has now made three straight quarterfinals, and reached the semis last season. But consistently playing at a high level has definitely strained TaeJa's wrists, and that is a big concern going into tonight's matches. Then again, MVP has won a bunch of GSL's with wrist injuries, so there's nothing to say TaeJa is the underdog here. In the end, it's going to come down to the same things it always does; TaeJa's focus and his incredible ability to grab a win in the most dire of situations.

GSL5 Code S Ro32 Group A
Feat. kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa!
Wednesday, Oct 29 9:10am UTC (GMT+00:00)

The other competitors in TaeJa's group are serious forces to be reckoned with. Most notably, we have ST_PartinG, who singlehandedly stomped IM in the GSTL and declared that his immortal all-ins were unstoppable. Unfortunately for him, there are no zergs in this group. TSL_Polt is also a familiar face, as the only GSL winner present, although it feels like a long while since Polt was in the championship hunt. Then there's MVP.finale, who surprisingly made Code S with a strong Up/Down match performance. Many would suggest that finale is one of the few Code S players who might not belong here. The protoss will surely be hoping to change some minds in this groupstage.

It's finale whom TaeJa plays first, with the map being Abyssal City. The PvT match-up has gone 7-7 on this map so far, so by the looks of it, we should be in for an interesting and fair series to kick off the season!

kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < Abyssal City > kr [image loading] MVP.finale
kr [image loading] TSL_Polt < Daybreak > kr [image loading] ST_PartinG

TaeJa ought to be favored against anyone in this group. He defeated Polt handily last season, and defeated finale in the TSL qualifiers. Curiously, he has never played PartinG, but that ought to change. The Startale protoss would also make TaeJa's toughest opponent. PartinG's GSTL all-kill should have his confidence at sky-high levels, and he was known for his PvT back in the day. If that match-up happens, the viewers will be in for a treat.

But honestly, we're all in for a treat no matter what. TaeJa is playing, and that's always exciting! Make sure to tweet your support @LiquidTaeJa and in the Liquid`TaeJa fanclub so he can go into his matches on a wave of positive energy and support! Here's a message from the man himself!

TaeJa Fighting!

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