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By tree.hugger
03:00 October 31 2012
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TaeJa struggled for the first time in Code S at the beginning of the week, falling 0-4 out of his group and out of Code S for the time being. Now, HerO gets the chance to redeem Liquid in Code S as he takes on Group C!

With elephants, old enemies, and even older enemies, Group C has everything you might want for Code S drama!

GSL5 Code S Ro32 Group C
Feat. kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO!
Friday, Oct 31 9:10am UTC (GMT+00:00)

HerO had a great run last season, playing some excellent Starcraft before his parade was SKT1Rained on. If he can keep the same momentum going into this season, it should be another good run. The trouble in today's group is the number of zerg, which has been the issue for HerO and the entire protoss race (sans PartinG) recently. No reason HerO can't immortal allin repeatedly today, but that's never quite been his style, and that doesn't work for everybody. Even if he's struggled in PvZ recently, (and truth be told, his stats in the MU are still pretty excellent) HerO's PvZ has always been a beautiful match-up to watch.

Against Neo.G_Soulkey, HerO won 2-1 in the WCS Korea with some absolutely gorgeous game management. That said, Soulkey has almost certainly improved since then, so it remains to be seen how the elephant will perform. In HerO's favor is the small fact that the elephants haven't done so well in the past week or so. HerO has never feared his KeSPA opponents, and expect him to not be overwhelmed at all in the opener.

The two other players in this group are old foes of HerO. He's tangled with Maru twice, one losing and then later winning in Up/Downs. The Prime terran hasn't really capitalized on his potential yet, but he's a clever young player with nerves of steel. HerO can't underestimate him at all. Curious is an even older foe. Honestly, Curious has been around forever and we know he's dangerous but without that upside that would make him a champion. HerO has a winning record against Curious lifetime. Now's a good moment to add to it.

kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO < Antiga Shipyard > kr [image loading] Neo.G_Soulkey
kr [image loading] MaruPrime < Entombed Valley > kr [image loading] ST_Curious

This isn't a group of top of the line opponents, but nobody in this group is a pushover by any stretch of the imagination. These are exactly the type of opponents that HerO needs to beat to retain his status as one of the leading lights for protoss. You can't win a Code S championship without rolling over the meat of Code S. Make sure to help HerO out by posting in his fanclub and tweeting @Liquid_HerO! Game face on, HerO time.

HerO Fighting!

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