MLG Fall Champs: Dallas!

By tree.hugger
18:41 November 02 2012
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SuperNovember is here, and there's no slow increase in the intensity; we're just going right into the action. MLG Dallas begins in just a few short hours. TaeJa, HerO, Sheth, and Ret are on location, ready to get going. We hope you all are too.

Let's go.

MLG Fall Championships: Raleigh
Friday, Nov 02 10:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)
Feat. kr [image loading] TaeJa! kr [image loading] HerO! us [image loading] Sheth! nl [image loading] Ret!

(Wiki)2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Fall/Championship

TaeJa and HerO are sitting pretty in the group stage, while Sheth and Ret will need to battle through the open bracket. That's fine; the summer champs in Raleigh were a bit of an outlier as we had only three players in attendance, with all in groups. This time, there's much more of an opportunity for teamkills, which is what we know you guys are looking forward to!

Just kidding. We'd like to see a teamkill in the finals.

TaeJa, HerO, and Sheth both had excellent MLG's in Raleigh. TaeJa and HerO earned high placements, while Sheth defeated a ton of top foreigners and a few koreans; losing 1-2 to PuMa, LosirA, and Leenock. This time, we're hoping for more great results. Even though HerO and TaeJa both fell out in their Code S groups, they're so recently off of top GSL finishes in the previous season that they're clearly not in bad form; just unlucky. For Sheth, he recently finished off NSHoSeo in the IPTL Up/Down matches, showing great form against Sculp. For Ret, everyone's been following his push to quit smoking. It's a little early to say how this will change his game, and it's a bit early to expect great things from his new living situation, but we'll see what happens!

One thing we know is the group stage set-up. HerO has a group of protoss and zerg, headlined by FXOLeenock. TaeJa has no protoss, just a bunch of zergs and ROOTMajOr. TaeJa's top opponent is likely to be the reigning GSL Champ; ST_Life. Should be an insane match if it happens!

Don't miss the action! It's beginning soon and will take place over the full weekend. Hopefully we'll be strong for all three days!

Liquid Fighting!
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