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By tree.hugger
01:45 November 02 2012
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Graphics by shiroiusagi

Are you ready?

No, really, do you have a cold beverage handy? Computer chair comfortable? Dual monitors set up? Snacks on deck? Friends coming over? If yes, well done, if not, get on that ASAP. It's time for the most insane month in Sc2 history. Six major LAN events are scheduled for this month. Liquid is rocking the four biggest. HerO is attending them all. We've never seen such a ridiculous burst of Sc2 action.

Here's what the upcoming month looks like for Liquid in terms of big events. Oh, and we're not even counting our EG Masters Cup matches against RoX.KIS and compLexity and the nightly NASL matches. Last month was largely major event free. It was the calm before the storm.

This is Supernovember.

[image loading] MLG Fall Championships: Dallas — Nov. 2-4
kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa
nl [image loading] Liquid`Ret
us [image loading] Liquid`Sheth

[image loading] WCS World Championships — Nov. 17-18
kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO

[image loading] IEM Singapore — Nov. 22-25
kr [image loading] Liquid`Zenio

[image loading] Dreamhack Winter Championships — Nov. 22-25
kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa
nl [image loading] Liquid`Ret
de [image loading] Liquid`TLO

[image loading] IPL5 — Nov. 29-Dec. 2
kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa
kr [image loading] Liquid`Sea
nl [image loading] Liquid`Ret
us [image loading] Liquid`Sheth (Caster!)

Excited yet? You should be, but there'll be no excuse tomorrow, when the MLG Fall Championships begin in Dallas, Texas. With Ret, Sheth, HerO, and TaeJa down in the Lone Star State, the stakes are high and the heights on the horizon are even higher. Now's the time to give the team your support over this insane month. Post in the fanclubs of TaeJa, Sheth, Ret, TLO, and especially HerO. Cheer them on all month. Don't stop. We've got this with your help!

Say it with me.

Liquid. Fighting.
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