Liquid vs RoX.KIS in EG Masters Cup!

By tree.hugger
16:55 November 14 2012
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It's been over two weeks since Liquid last made a EG Masters Cup appearance, thanks to some apparent scheduling issues which delayed the league a few days. That all changes tonight, as the boys in blue battle against the beasts of the east; RoX.KIS.

While every match has serious playoff implications for us, this match is absolutely crucial for RoX as well. Liquid sits at 6-2 (22-14) on the season, good enough for second place overall. But RoX has a 6-1 record and a (21-8) differential. They sit in third.In truth, RoX has had an even better season so far than we have, they just have played one less match.

Does any of that history matter to the result here? Nope, we're pretty confident in this match, as good as RoX is. But it means that the viewers are surely in for at least four sets of fantastic starcraft. Let's get back into the teamleague mode.

[image loading]Team Liquid vs RoX.KIS[image loading]
Saturday, Nov 15 2:00am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VIII/Group Stage

It's no surprise anymore to see the top lines for each team. This is crunch time, the nitty gritty with playoff spots in sight, but the potential for them to slip from grasp at a moment's notice. Both Liquid and RoX have earned a cushion, but it's not a very big one. Every match still matters.

kr [image loading] Liquid`Zenio < Starter: Whirlwind > [image loading] [image loading] RoX.KIS.LiveZerg
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < Starter: Entombed Valley > [image loading] [image loading] RoX.KIS.Pomi
de [image loading] Liquid`TLO < Starter: Metropolis > [image loading] [image loading] RoX.KIS.TitaN
kr [image loading] Liquid`Sea < Starter: Metropolis > ua [image loading] RoX.KIS.fraer

Ace < Starter: Atlantis Spaceship > Ace

The only clear lean in these matches is the second, where TaeJa is surely favored against Pomi. The Russian protoss has an excellent record of pulling upsets against protoss opponents, but not against other races. TaeJa's match is a must win for us. Leading off will be a key match. Zenio has been playing great lately but cross server against a very strong zerg like LiveZerg evens the playing field.

In the third match, TLO will have his hands full with RoX's ace TitaN. TLO tore up the Euro ladder and placed very highly in several LANs during his last stay on the continent. He can surely beat TitaN, but again, the cross server play might tilt the balance in favor of the Russian. We'll have to see. Speaking of Sea, he takes the fourth series against fraer. This is definitely the most interesting and up in the air match of the night. Sea has only dropped one series for Liquid in the EG Masters Cup, (his opener vs Happy) In fact, since that loss, he has gone 8-1, an alarmingly good performance given how recently he's begun to focus on the game. But some of that might be due to getting the other team's weakest player for several weeks (in contrast to TLO, who always seems to draw the opposing ace). That is not the case here. fraer is a superb player, maybe a co-ace to TitaN, frankly. This is a challenge for Sea, he will have much greater difficulty doing stuff like the full mech that won his first game last week. That doesn't mean that Sea is the underdog, he did after all miss qualification for Code A by a single game this week, which is still impressive. But it does mean that this match could swing either way, and with it, decide the result of this series.

If the match goes to ace, TaeJa is most likely against the protoss-filled RoX line. For the Europeans, TitaN is probable, but fraer could come as well. That'd be a dramatic finale to be sure.

Liquid returns to the EG Masters Cup tonight after a two week hiatus. Don't miss the match!

Liquid Fighting!

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