A Reckoning in Shanghai

By tree.hugger
17:46 November 16 2012
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Graphics by shiroiusagi. Photo by NASA

If you aren't excited yet for the WCS World Finals, here's one reason.

kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO vs fr [image loading] EGStephano.RC
03:45 UTC (+00:00)

Do you even need another? This match is the kickoff for Group E, otherwise known as the Group of Death. And it's not even close. This is going to be an epic tournament for a number of reasons, but this opening round match may be the most compelling. HerO has lost seven matches to the world's best foreigner and won only four in his career. It's undoubtedly an uphill battle. To make matters trickier, zerg is definitely in a better place right now than protoss.

That said, it's HerO vs Stephano. It's Liquid vs EG. It's Light vs Dark (in hair), Good vs Evil, and Passion vs Ambivalence. You're not going to get a better match.

Watch. This. Tournament.

WCS World Championships
Saturday, Nov 17 2:00am UTC (GMT+00:00)
Feat. kr [image loading] HerO!

(Wiki)2012 Battle.net World Championship
All four stream links!

The epic conclusion of this yearlong tournament will begin with opening groups played in MSL (Winners/Losers) style. HerO's group has more firepower than just Stephano. Also present is EGIdrA.RC and Samsung KHAN's RorO. Neither will be an easy opponent, although HerO certainly cannot afford to have difficulty against IdrA if he wants to make it far in this tournament. His next opponent will of course depend on the results of the first two series, but HerO has one advantage in only having to prepare for zerg. Would he prefer a group of terrans? Yeah, probably, but terrans apparently have been banned from this tournament, so tough.

HerO has had great results in WCS competitions to date. His run through WCS Korea was superb, his run of PvP success in the Asia championships was even better. He might have a tall order in this opening group, but we know that he has it in him to beast through and stun the tournament. He's done it before; few might've given him a chance to beat Seed and PartinG in the Asia finals, yet he did. Super November will be HerO's month yet.

HerO fighting!

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