Foreign Lands: TaeJa in Code A

By tree.hugger
03:21 November 19 2012
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Graphics by SilverskY

I know, right?

In the time he's been with us, Code A hasn't been an option for TaeJa. But this season, a combination of factors led to TaeJa being unceremoniously bounced from his Ro32 group. Now he finds himself in the bottom of Code A, with some heavy lifting to do before he can get back where he belongs in Code S.

This isn't your grandmother's Code A, by the way. Heard of NSHS.jjakji? How about MaruPrime or mTw.SuperNoVa? Yeah, we saw them recently... getting kicked out of Code A. In just a handful of hours, TaeJa will try to avoid the awkward fate of his fellows, and begin the long hard march back to Code S mountain. It'll be tough, but hey, TaeJa is TaeJa. If he plays his game, he'll get it done.

GSL5 Code A Ro48
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa vs kr [image loading] SKT1_Dark
Wednesday, Nov 19 9:10am UTC (GMT+00:00)

TaeJa has not been lucky with his opening opponent. Dark isn't just a SlayerS refugee, he might be the most important SlayerS refugee. Remember the IPTL? Dark defeated HerO and TaeJa in the opening of that match. Since then, he's only gotten better. He was picked up by Boxer and SKT1 for a reason. He went 8-1 in the prelims, beating Sia, Snow, Lucky, and Alone; not so bad of a line-up.

kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < Abyssal City > kr [image loading] SKT1_Dark
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < Antiga Shipyard > kr [image loading] SKT1_Dark
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < Cloud Kingdom > kr [image loading] SKT1_Dark

Don't underestimate Dark. But don't underestimate TaeJa either. Maybe he's hurting. Maybe he's been resting. But he's still TaeJa. Don't forget his recent top results. We know from TaeJa's many group play stumbles, that when he takes a blow, nobody is better at getting right back up and roaring back. With your support, that's what's gonna happen here.

Make sure to post in his fanclub and tweet @LiquidTaeJa to give him your support! And don't forget to tune in to the match!

TaeJa Fighting!

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