New Streaming Overlays!

By Heyoka
19:56 November 19 2012

The players streams are getting a facelift, read on to learn about the love and care that went into building a new streaming experience!

It's taken us a while but finally we have a new ingame overlay for our player streams. While revamping the overlays had been on our list of things to do for some time, other priorities prevented us from tackling it as quickly as we would have liked. I want to give Raihn a huge amount of thanks for showing up out of nowhere at just the right moment!

This project had been on-going for some time when an email from this gifted designer popped up in our support box, saying that he was looking to help out and possibly join our staff. Although we knew how difficult of a project this was, we still asked him to take a stab at the overlays. The first draft was a testiment to his skill, and this together with his impressive resume was enough for a position in our crew.

At this point Raihn probably was not aware of how brutal of a project it would turn out to be. Hundreds of revisions later I believe we have a product, as well as a new staff member, to be proud of. There are a lot of underlying thoughts on why we did things in certain ways.

Click to enlarge

StarCraft streaming has evolved greatly since it first took off, and the overlay has become an important way for players to promote their teams and sponsors. Our old overlay did a decent job, but it needed to be better refined for that purpose.

At the same time as giving the overlay a facelift and finding ways to incorporate more promotional space, it was very important for us to make sure that it interfered as little as possible with the viewing experience.

Vital information with a side order of TL flair

The first thing we did was identify the areas that we considered 'untouchable.' These were areas that included vital game information, such as the game timer, idle worker counter, player hotkeys, and so forth. One thing we noticed was the very bottom row of unit ability icons on the lower-right was being covered up in some overlays. We felt that there was relevant upgrade information to be seen there at times during games, and thus left it uncovered.

A calculated use of screen space.

We then looked to maximize the use of the remaining space. We know that as fans, the streaming experience is one of the best ways to connect with your favorite player. With this in mind, we drastically increased the size of the webcam area from our old design.

All things considered I think this overlay has everything an overlay needs to have, from both a promotional perspective, as well as a viewer experience. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Art by: Raihn
Text by: Liquid`Nazgul
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