Liquid vs CompLexity in EG MC

By tree.hugger
22:44 November 28 2012
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Rescheduled for tomorrow (11/29). Post has been changed to reflect this.

Theoretically Liquid's final EG Masters Cup match will air tonight! After a few bumps in the road, there's no doubt that Liquid has had a phenomenally successful season. Five straight wins have Liquid in the second position on the table, qualified for the playoffs, and awaiting the bottom part of the playoff qualifiers to sort themselves out.

Tonight's match, then, serves as a sending off for Liquid's playoff journey. The opponent is CompLexity, who has struggled. They are among the bottom teams in the tournament, and have achieved only 13 set wins in their nine aired matches. That's truly a surprising result; coL obviously has strong players. To get off onto a good start for the playoffs, we should take care of business here.

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Sunday, Nov 30 2:00am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VIII/Group Stage

Our line-up presents a mix of everything (except protoss, but we've seen quite a bit of HerO recently, right? ^^) and contains (IPL5 caster!) Sheth, whom we haven't seen in the EG MC in a while. He takes on coL's secret weapon, goswser in the opener. That match between the North American zergs ought to be fairly even, although we're quite confident in Sheth to eventually take the win there. The last match, Sea vs GanZi should also be close. However, Sea really has been unbeatable in the EG MC, even taking a match off of Genius with lots and lots of tanks. We're pretty good there too.

In the other two matches, there's no loss of confidence. TLO looks really good (well, I mean, he always looks good, but we're talking starcraft here) and he should beat TriMaster, who always looks solid but has struggled to make a huge mark. Then there's TaeJa, who plays the jedi-terran, qxc. TaeJa should take the win there too.

us [image loading] Liquid`Sheth < Starter: Metropolis > us [image loading] coL.goswser
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < Starter: Cloud Kingdom > us [image loading] coL.QXC
de [image loading] Liquid`TLO < Starter: Whirlwind > us [image loading] coL.TriMaster
kr [image loading] Liquid`Sea < Starter: Antiga Shipyard > kr [image loading] coL.GanZi

But who is favored on paper does not always correspond with who ends up winning. As has become a weekly ritual, it's about getting down to the nitty gritty and executing. Finishing with a powerful performance here would be a great send-off to the playoffs. We've got a good line-up. Now time to make it happen.

Liquid Fighting!
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