Razer Replaypack of the Week #52: Liquid`Hero

By Plexa
22:18 December 05 2012

From various games!

Welcome back to the Razer Replay Pack of the Week featuring Liquid`Hero (again)! If you're looking for some instructive Protoss replays to help you with your game then this week's pack is what you want. Hero recently ranked up a new account and with it created a plethora of instructive games on how Protoss should be played. We also threw in some crazy games for good measure so that even the casual fan has something to look forward to!

Did you miss Razer Replaypack of the Week #51, featuring Liquid`Hero's run from DreamHack? Follow the link to pick it up now!.

Put together by the Liquid Replay team - Liquid`Drone, TheMango, Plexa, p4NDemik, Noam, heyoka. Thanks guys! Thanks to Lipthepencilboy and shiroiusagi for the graphics and formatting!

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