Opening Salvo: EG-TL kicks off Proleague

By tree.hugger
02:53 December 07 2012
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A momentous occasion in the history of foreign starcraft is just a day away. At 03:00 UTC (+00:00), the Unholy Alliance of EG-TL will take their seats for the first match of the SK Planet 12-13 Proleague. It's going to be the first time that foreigners and foreign organizations will play in the most prestigious league in the starcraft would, and we couldn't be more proud to be a part of this great challenge, whether it turns well or ill.

To make things even more exciting, our very own kr [image loading] Liquid`Zenio will lead this team of rivals into battle, taking on the God of Starcraft himself, KT_Flash, in the first set.

You can't miss this.

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Monday, Dec 08 3:00am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)2012-2013 Proleague

With HerO and TaeJa off at the NASL4 finals, the Unholy Alliance will be missing two of its top players for the start. That figures to be a theme throughout the season, as both we and EG have a heavy international focus, and will not be likely to always have a full line-up in the country. Still, there's plenty of depth on this team and plenty of people to do damage. Zenio will be playing for us in the opener, and he has not only the highly coveted assignment of leading off, but he gets to do it against the Ultimate Weapon, Flash. It will not be easy. Just the other day, Flash defeated DongRaeGu 3-1. His MLG Fall Championship run was remarkable. If one thing is clear, it's that Flash is not a pushover.

But Zenio has the advantage of Sc2 experience. He's also not some green player. He's our most common starter in the all-kill format, so he knows how to get the match started on the right foot. And his play is basically the personification of safe and solid. They will be playing on a new map, Caldeum, which means that Zenio's scrappiness will be extremely valuable.

The rest of the line-up is filled by EG. Each PL match consists of six sets, followed by an ace match if the series is tied.

kr [image loading] Liquid`Zenio < Caldeum > kr [image loading] KT_Flash
kr [image loading] EGJYP.RC < Cloud Kingdom > kr [image loading] KT_Wooki
se [image loading] EGThorZaIN.RC < Antiga Shipyard > kr [image loading] KT_Action
kr [image loading] EGJaedong.RC < Ohana > kr [image loading] KT_Stats
ca [image loading] EGHuK.RC < Bifrost > kr [image loading] KT_Crazy-Hydra
kr [image loading] EGPuMa.RC < Arkanoid > kr [image loading] KT_Mind
Ace < Planet S > Ace

We don't yet have a good idea of how EG-TL will stack up against the competition in proleague. In the opener, we'll find out a lot, but the real test won't come until HerO and TaeJa return to as the team's deadly aces. Stephano is also not here, but when he arrives, his presence will be strongly felt.

Still, this upcoming battle will be huge. We can't wait to play, we can't wait to tune in, we can't wait to make history.

Zenio Fighting! EG-TL Fighting!

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