Teamkill!: NASL4 Finals

By tree.hugger
07:40 December 08 2012
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The fourth NASL season wraps up this weekend in Long Beach, California! Liquid has two players remaining, and as you might expect, they're pitted against each other in the Ro8. This sad state of affairs means that either HerO or TaeJa will be eliminated in the first round, which means we'll have one shot at the championship: whoever wins that initial battle.

Oh well, when you have two players playing the best starcraft of their life, this kinda thing tends to happen.

NASL 4 Grand Finals
Monday, Dec 08 8:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)
Feat. kr [image loading] HerO vs kr [image loading] TaeJa

(Wiki)North American Star League Season 4/Main Bracket

The schedule for the finals has been released, and HerO vs TaeJa is expected to take place at 21:45 UTC (+00:00). After that, the winner of that match will go to play in the semi-finals, which are scheduled for 02:00 UTC (+00:00). Do these things ever go on time? Of course not. But if you're able to tune in at those times, you won't miss a thing.

And why would you want to miss HerO vs TaeJa? These two have collided repeatedly over the second half of 2012, greatly paining us at TLPro, but providing plenty of brilliant PvT play. Funny enough, the match-ups between both have generally tended to be a lot of one-sided matches, so it's often only one player who's delivering the brilliance, while the other has been laid low by the clever mindgames of the other. Again, two players at top form, and to make matters more complicated, they know each other very very well. After HerO's dominant Dreamhack Finals performance, he's probably the favorite to take this, but TaeJa is nothing if not tenacious. He could just as easily roar back to take the win.

kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO vs kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa

After this, what's next? Well, the winner of the teamkill goes up against the winner of TSL_Polt vs Golden in the semi-finals. The following day, we'll either see the teamkill winner battling for the tournament championship, or fighting in the third place match. Either way, it ought to be yet another pretty fun weekend. What is this, the fifth weekend in a row?

Oh and now we have Dota 2.

Liquidland is getting wonderfully complicated. Make sure to post in HerO and TaeJa's fanclubs as well as tweeting @Liquid_HerO and @LiquidTaeJa to let them know you're cheering this weekend! Since it's a teamkill, let's ramp up the positive energy and get great games out of it!

Liquid Fighting!

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