Liquid`Dota 2 debuts in The Defense!

By tree.hugger
05:35 December 09 2012
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Perhaps you've heard...!

Liquid has entered the fray. Our awesome new Dota 2 squad will begin their campaign under the blue banner tomorrow in The Defense. Fluff, ixmike88 and TC were all part of the compLexity squad that won the tournament in the past season. But this season will be all Liquid.

In Sc2, we're having a great season; time to bring the Liquid advantage over to Dota 2.

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—The Defense Week One—

Tuesday, Dec 09 8:45pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Defense on Wiki

Our first opponents are Nex Impetus, formerly known as CNB e-Sports Club. The team is from Brazil, and found their new home in one of South America's best esports organizations just a few days ago. While the team is known as one of the best on the continent, South America itself is a region that has yet to make an impact in the global scene, and thus, the Brazilians come into The Defense as unknowns and underdogs. This week one match is about more than just making a statement about Liquid, it's also an important series in the tournament. This is a team that we are favored against and that expectation carries a bit of extra pressure.

Nex Impetus: br nex-I.darky, br nex-I.track_, br nex-I.Lelaps, br nex-I.KlotZ, br nex-I.shakir4xD

As for us? Perhaps you're not familiar with Dota 2, perhaps you're a veteran. But if you want to understand what it's all about/see the glory of Liquid in action, make sure to tune in tomorrow. Korok is going to kill lots of stuff, TC is going to never die, BuLba is going to have some weird build ready, ixmike is going to look handsome, and Fluff is going to mastermind the whole thing.

It'll be fun!

Liquid Fighting!

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