Liquid's EG Masters Cup finals to win

By tree.hugger
09:27 December 15 2012
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The EG Masters Cup wrapped up the regular season a few weeks ago, and we've heard nary a peep about it since. That'll just make the finals weekend even more epic. Four teams survived a grueling round robin. Two teams (that would've made the playoffs) have dropped out. Now, we're finally ready. All the teams have had time to rest and assess their strategies. Everything comes down to this weekend. The games are fresh, the players are fresh, and we're ready to go.

Finals Weekend!
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Monday, Dec 15 5:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VIII/Group Stage

We bid a sad adieu to SlayerS (the #2) and Quantic (the #5), leaving the seeding with Liquid as the first seed, Acer second, RoX.KIS third, and Empire squeaking in as the fourth. And when we say squeaking, we mean, Empire destroyed a ton of really excellent teams in the group, just not as much as a few other guys.

As the top dogs, the boys in blue will take on Empire in their opener. The last time we played Empire it was a close affair, with Sea's only loss in the EG MC so far and TaeJa taking a narrow win for us in ace. This meeting shouldn't be any easier; Empire's terran spectacular of Beastyqt, BRAT.OK, Happy, and Kas is among the most fearsome foreign lines anywhere.

kr Liquid`TaeJa < Starter: Entombed Valley > [image loading] Empire|Beastyqt
kr Liquid`Sea < Starter: Antiga Shipyard > [image loading] Empire|Happy
kr Liquid`HerO < Starter: Ohana > [image loading] Empire|BRAT.OK
kr Liquid`Zenio < Starter: Cloud Kingdom > ua Empire|Kas
Ace < Starter: Atlantis Spaceship > Ace

The matches in the opener look solid for us, but there's plenty of work to do. TaeJa defeated Beastyqt in the previous match, he'll need to repeat. He's favored to do so, but the Serbian is a wily player. Sea gets a rematch against Happy, the only person to defeat him in EG MC action so far. He has shown improvement since initially playing Happy, and those games were quite close even back then. HerO has a match against BRAT.OK that seems the most Liquid favored, given how HerO's PvT has been lately. And finally, Zenio will face Kas, in the most even match of the set. It may not be easy, but we have plenty of confidence in Zenio to deliver the goods.

If Liquid can take the opening match, the next opponent will be either Acer or RoX.KIS. The lime green wrecking machine is probably the favored team of those two, given the strength of the Scarlett-Nerchio-MMA combo, and they are the higher seed. Still, RoX.KIS has done extremely well in this tournament and led by players like TitaN and LiveZerg they remain a force to be reckoned with. Either opponent would be tough, but if history is any indication, we'd rather take the opponent we won comfortably against instead of the team that gave us our first loss.

Overall, this is Liquid's tournament to win. We beat the other top team, SlayerS, and they're not even in this finals. We only lost twice, and ended the season on a six game tear. This year, we've won the NASTL and placed sixth and second in the IPTL; coming tantalizingly close to winning. We need to shut the door on the EG Masters Cup and take home our second gold teamleague trophy of the year.

Liquid Fighting!

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