Serious time: EG-TL takes on CJ Entus

By tree.hugger
22:24 December 15 2012
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Our proleague debut with EG didn't quite go as planned. While Zenio played the most exciting game of the series, a multi-task heavy ZvT vs Flash, he lost and so did the rest of the team. An 0-4 isn't so great of a start, but hey, there's always tomorrow in proleague!

Tomorrow is now today, as the Team of Rivals will battle CJ Entus, the hybrid proleague champions, and this writer's favorite BW team. (T_T) For EG-TL, there's plenty of reason to be optimistic about this match. For one, the team now has it's two most accomplished Sc2 players; as our HerO and TaeJa have returned to action, fresh off of NASL4. It's time to prove that with a full line-up, EG-TL is no joke.

[image loading] EG-TL vs CJ Entus[image loading]
Tuesday, Dec 16 5:30am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)2012-2013 Proleague

EG-TL's line-up is similar to last weeks, but Zenio and PuMa are off today in favor of HerO and TaeJa. The match will very much hinge on how HerO and TaeJa can do; EG-TL need these two to deliver the wins. TaeJa has a completely unknown opponent, but because he's so unknown, it's likely he's one of CJ's B-teamers who has taken a shine to Sc2. CJ isn't sending him out to pick daisies. Then HerO faces Hydra, a former MSL winner in BW who has a mixed Sc2 record. HerO is favored there too, especially given his play lately.

kr [image loading] EGJaedong.RC < Tal'Darim Altar > kr [image loading] CJ.Bbyong
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < Bifrost > kr [image loading] CJ.Bong[S.G.]
ca [image loading] EGHuK.RC < Caldeum > kr [image loading] CJ.herO[jOin]
se [image loading] EGThorZaIN.RC < Arkanoid > kr [image loading] CJ.SonGDuri
kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO < Cloud Kingdom > kr [image loading] CJ.Hydra
kr [image loading] EGJYP.RC < Antiga Shipyard > kr [image loading] CJ.EffOrt

Ace < Ohana > Ace

There's plenty of other opportunities to snatch wins. Jaedong and Bbyong will be an interesting match, Bbyong has been one of the better elephants, and Jaedong is one of the ultimate elephants. It'll be good to see Jaedong back in proleague, after he lost in his last match. JYP also has a good chance against EffOrt, although of course EffOrt is one of CJ's most talented players, and their ace. HuK's PvP against herO presents a good opportunity. Although the CJ protoss herO has achieved quite a bit of success, PvP offers HuK a great opportunity to grab a win. And ThorZaIN draws SonGDuri, another relative unknown whom he can beat.

All in all, we just don't have enough information about all these players to make good predictions. But in every match, especially the ones with HerO and TaeJa, EG-TL certainly has a great shot to take it. A few weeks in, we'll probably know a little better where we are, but until then, the only thing left to do is tune in!

EG-TL Fighting!
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