HerO back in Blizzard Cup

By tree.hugger
22:43 December 16 2012
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Somehow, just when you think you've run through the gauntlet of major tournaments, there's one last thing that needs to be settled. And then another, and another. Good thing they keep getting more and more epic and good thing Liquid (HerO) keeps winning everything.

In a few hours, Liquid`HerO will make a repeat appearance in the Blizzard Cup. As a Dreamhack Winter champion, HerO reprises a role that he played last season. The Blizzard Cup features the GSL's top three in points, the winner and runner up of IPL5, and the champions of the OSL, BWC, MLG Fall, DH Winter, and WCG. The players are split up into two groups. with six players moving on to a bracket.

After all of these world championships, after all of the high stakes finals, the winner of this tournament, the champion of champions will have the strongest claim at being the best player in the world.*


Blizzard Cup Group A
Wednesday, Dec 17 4:30am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)2012 GSL Blizzard Cup

HerO is in the first group to play, and what a group it is, full of old enemies. There's only one terran in the mix this year, and HerO has drawn him in the ailing IMMVP. The injury plagued star may be looking a little vulnerable lately, and HerO's PvT may be looking unstoppable, but it's wise to never count out the four time GSL winner. However, the rest of the group has been in much stronger recent form. There's MVP.DRG, who has resisted all suggestions of a slump, and comes representing the GSL as a repeat performer. Then there's FXOLeenock, who won IPL5 and what feels like every MLG. Last but not least is ST_PartinG, who won the BWC and who HerO recently passed on the alltime protoss earnings list.

Here's HerO's order of play:

vs Leenock
vs DongRaeGu
vs MVP
vs PartinG

The zergs come first, and HerO's performance may hinge upon how good a start he gets in those early games. If he wants to advance, beating 1 of the two zergs and MVP is a solid route to take. He's also even money against PartinG; both are excellent at PvP. Overall, HerO's chances look strong, but again and again, at this level it's a matter of executing. The way HerO has played recently (lets forget the proleague match) he can do it.

Against the stacked opposition in this event, winning will be tough, but from the very beginning, when we picked HerO up, we knew that he could be the best player in the world. This year, he's closer to that goal than ever before.

HerO Fighting!

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