Liquid enters the Dota 2 League vs Fnatic.EU

By tree.hugger
13:09 December 17 2012
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After a week, Liquid`Dota is back in action, as we enter our second tournament, the second season of the RaidCall Dota 2 League. The first season was a thrilling eight team event run by Evil Geniuses, which was won by Empire over the hosts. After crashing EG's Sc2 event it seemed a natural step to do the same in Dota2, so here we are!

While the groupstages of The Defense perhaps spread the top teams too thinly, the D2L S2 features twelve of the elite. This week, the boys in blue will play two D2L matches back to back, the first against the converted champions of HoN, Fnatic.EU, and then again tomorrow against our North American rivals, Dignitas.

First things first though.

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—D2L Week One—

Wednesday, Dec 17 8:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Dota 2 League on Wiki

Fnatic sports two teams, one based in Europe and the other based in the US. The D2L features the former, and they're the more scary of the two teams. The best HoN team in the world, Fnatic made the switch to Dota 2 and struggled for a bit. Lately however, they've found their groove. This team 2-0'd No Tidehunter in the Thor Open finals and tied for third at Dreamhack Winter. Before those events just a few weeks ago they'd had plenty of success in tournaments with lesser prestige, but in November-December this team has earned the right to be called among the best in the foreign scene.

Fnatic.EU: de H4nn1, dk N0tail, se Era, fi Trixi, il Fly

We're pretty sure we deserve to be in that category too, and there's no better way to prove it than by making a statement in the D2L this week. Last week we won convincingly against Nex Impetus, but that team (despite their good win this week vs Pulse + ringers) was not considered among the top. Fnatic.EU is. Furthermore, every D2L match is a Bo3, so you can guarantee at least double the Liquid`Dota action of our Defense debut.

Last week, I made some predictions that turned out to be eerily accurate. While taking the most famous characteristic of each player and predicting it'll appear probably isn't rocket science, I'm not willing to endanger my perfect record. I'm just looking forward to the games!

Liquid Fighting!

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