Liquid vs Dignitas in the Dota2 League

By tree.hugger
15:30 December 18 2012
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So soon, you ask? Yes, truly there can never be enough Liquid`Dota.

In yesterday's D2L debut, Liquid looked completely outclassed in the opening set. TC's phantom lancer dropped an early first blood to bounty hunter, and despite holding their own in a bloody opening 20 minutes (with the help of some epic ixmike88 Disruptor play), the boys in blue were eventually outfarmed and smashed by the BH and Chaos Knight-Wisp combo that was Fnatic's bread and butter.

The orange and black tried a similar strategy in the second game, but a superb draft from Fluff gave Liquid unstoppable early pushing potential, and the rout was on, just the other way! Finally in game three, Fnatic picked their beloved wisp-CK combo yet again but were completely buffaloed by a fiendishly clever Liquid draft. With Korok's Outworld Destroyer and Fluff's Viasge dropping the hammer, Fnatic was forced to type GG and concede Liquid the 2-1 win!

Our dota debut against Nex Impetus went decisively in our favor, but yesterday's match against Fnatic proved what Liquid can really do against the elite. Today, we're headed straight to our second match in the D2L, and it's against one of our North American rivals: Dignitas.

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— D2L Week Two —

Thursday, Dec 18 11:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Dota 2 League on Wiki

Dignitas, formerly known as Potm Bottom, has been one of the top North American teams ever since the post TI-2 team shuffle. They placed third in the last D2L, and have been just on the edge of winning several tournaments, including the ESWC finals where they placed second to Na'Vi. Dignitas is carried by Aui_2000, a stats guy and a regular along with BuLba on the show Much Ado About Dota. He's known for his sometimes unorthodox builds, and it'll be fun to see what Fluff will have prepared for him.

Dignitas: us Fogged, ca Aui_2000, us Sneyking, us Tidesoftime, ca Waytosexy

With two great and entertaining matches under their belt, we can come to expect a few things from this Liquid squad. The first thing is that you never know what to expect. Sure we've learned that Korok's QOP can be relied upon to do fun things like score more denies than his lane opponent has kills. Sure we've learned that ixmike88 can be a massive thorn in the opponent's side as Disruptor. Sure we've seen that this team can play basically anything; only repeating two picks in their matches against Fnatic. But ultimately, the visage/tinker/OD combination has a synergy you never saw coming. There's bound to be more. Today against Dignitas, lets hope for two more wins, and more of that Liquid magic.

Liquid Fighting!

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