Liquid vs LG-IM in the IPTL Premier!

By tree.hugger
23:43 December 18 2012
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Graphics by shiroiusagi

After an amazing IPL TAC 3, the format of IPL's signature teamleague was changed into the three-tiered IPTL. In the first season, we blew it, going 0-3 despite some good games. This season, we're aiming to do much better, although the competition hasn't gotten any easier. Our group features IM, MVP, and Karont3. While we're favored against the last of those three, we need to go toe to toe with the the Korean squads to make the playoffs and we're going to need to play like we did in IPL TAC 3 to win.

Today's match will be a good test of where we're at. LG-IM is a frightening team, with all kinds of talent and players that can sweep you at the drop of a hat.

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Thursday, Dec 18 11:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)
(Wiki)2013 IPTL Season 1 Premier Division

The opening match will feature a ZvZ between Zenio, the starter in yesterday's proleague win, and LG-IM's newest player, ByuL. The former Fnatic player is one of the more underrated players out there, and the move to a dedicated team house will undoubtedly upgrade his play further. But Zenio has moved to the teamhouse for EG-TL as well. As his match against Khan and RorO demonstrated last night, Zenio can dominate in ZvZ. This is a position that he is extremely confident in.

kr [image loading] Liquid`Zenio < Abyssal City > kr [image loading] LG-IM.ByuL

After that, the battle will undoubtedly feature IM's top players like LosirA, YoDa, Yonghwa, Seed, and First. We played IM to the wire in the IPL TAC 3 finals; we know them and they know us. TaeJa will play a large role for us again, and especially HerO, who has been tremendous this winter.

Can Liquid turn around the IPTL record from last season? We need to do better against elite competition than we did in that tournament. We'll see a first indication of that tonight.

Liquid Fighting!
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