Barracuda Networks Sponsors Liquid

By Kennigit
20:14 December 19 2012
It is with great pleasure that Teamliquid announces Barracuda Networks as a new team sponsor. Barracuda is a world leader in networking, data storage protection, and content security and its products are used by over 150,000 companies across 80 different countries. Barracuda Networks has built a worldwide reputation as the go-to provider for powerful easy-to-use IT solutions. The innovation in this space is underpinned by the talent that the esports community brings. This sponsorship aims to bring awareness to a wide range of IT Solutions which Barracuda offers and the large number of jobs which it is actively seeking candidates for. With a technically engaged audience of new grads, young engineers and IT professionals, Teamliquid’s community represents one of the best sources of technical talent recruiting in the gaming scene.

Teamliquid and Barracuda will work to bring relevant job opportunities to our community, so if you are a talented and qualified young professional take a look at the exciting opportunities available!

Message from Victor Goossens (Teamliquid CEO & Owner)

It has been a great month for Liquid. HerO won multiple championships, we recruited a Dota2 team ahead of schedule, and to top it off, we're officially signing with a new sponsor in Barracuda Networks.

I believe this is a very meaningful sponsorship for Liquid, similar to when Evil Geniuses brought Monster Energy to esports. While many companies have found their way to esports, it is often the case that teams and tournaments dip into a pool of sponsors that are very similar to one another.

When EG signed with Monster, it was significant because a company that had no obvious ties to esports was making a leap and deciding to invest new money into the scene. It wasn't a reallocation of existing funds from one entity to another –- instead it was creating an entirely new flow of cash to help the esports industry keep turning.

As you can see from the video above, Barracuda Networks is a company that is already doing amazing work in traditional sports with their sponsorships. Bringing Barracuda into the esports scene and having an opportunity to show them our value is something that demonstrates the progress this industry has made. It will be Liquid's goal to show Barracuda that esports is worth investing in for the long term.

Ultimately, the goal of the sponsorship is to give Barracuda more exposure through the esports scene. One important way Barracuda hopes to benefit from this exposure is to draw skilled, talented individuals to their company. There is no doubt, esports has a tech savvy audience, and Barracuda wants to reach out to them. So besides the usual things we do for our sponsors, we will be helping Barracuda promote employment opportunities to our fans. If you are reading this and are looking for a great job opportunity, then you can do yourself, Liquid, and Barracuda a favor by sending in an application.

The first thing we will be working on thanks to Barracuda's sponsorship is a new Behind the Scenes video from IPL5. The sponsorship allowed us to send Kennigit to IPL5 to record Liquid's experiences, similar to what he did at the IPL TAC3 finals. Hopefully, with Barracuda's support, we can continue to make these videos in the future.

Someone I would like to thank in particular is Kevin "silverfire" Chang. For the past year he has traveled to several major events such as MLG, IPL, and NASL to shoot photographs for TeamLiquid. His latest work can be seen in the NASL photo thread where he captured more great esports moments. Kevin works for Barracuda, and was able to demonstrate the tremendous impact of the StarCraft and esports community on the technology community as a whole. For that, we owe him a big thanks.

Finally, I would like to say that if you're excited about Barracuda investing into esports, please shoot them a message on twitter @Barracuda, Facebook, or Youtube to welcome them to our scene.

Message from Barracuda Networks

“The amazing teamwork, passion and determination of TeamLiquid and the esports community underpin the innovation that we as a company strive to achieve every single day,” said Michael Perone, co-founder, EVP and CMO of Barracuda Networks. “TeamLiquid is one of the most well-known communities, including some of the most recognizable and respected players in the pro-gaming world, and we are proud to bring on partnerships who share our passion and commitment to the best innovations.”

Let them know what you think!

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