Liquid vs Mousesports in The Defense!

By tree.hugger
14:45 December 19 2012
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The Liquid magic ran it's course yesterday, as the boys in blue suffered their first competitive match defeat at the hands of Dignitas in the D2L. But while it's tempting to stop and think, we've got match dates to keep and ganks to go before we sleep and ganks to go before we sleep.*

In other words, we're moving on and today we've drawn Mousesports in The Defense with a chance to make it all better.


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—The Defense Week Two—

Friday, Dec 19 8:45pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Defense on Wiki

Like us, Mousesports is off to a 1-0 start in the group. They welcomed the Icelandic qualifiers Romy and the Rest to top tier action with a solid win. But recently the Germans have put up mixed results. This month they've gone beaten DD 2-0 and 3DMax 3-2 overall. However, they've also gone 1-1 against a badly slumping NaVi and 1-2 combined against Empire. VP has beaten them 3-0. Mousesports is a strong outfit and they made The International 2. But at the moment they don't seem to be playing their best and we're going to need to pounce on that.

Mousesports: de KuroKy, de Black^, de FATA, de paS, de Alex

The most fearsome player on the Mouz team is their carry, Black^, famous for putting up over 1000 gold per minute on alchemist, and for threatening to switch to Sc2 HotS. Who knows whether the latter will occur, but the former shows that he can't be allowed to run rampant. We've been good about that, especially in shutting down Fnatic, but yesterday Dignitas got just a bit too much space. We'll see how Fluff and the team responds to Mousesports today!

Make sure to tune in today to this exciting match! Now that we know we're not invincible (well, we always knew that!) the Bo1 format of the Defense makes things more interesting!

Liquid Fighting!

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