Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from TL

By tree.hugger
06:18 December 25 2012
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It's been a long and busy year, filled with hardships, setbacks and sorrows,
but for every roadblock, there's been a series of better tomorrows.
Each challenge has been met, each expectation fulfilled,
and when we look back on the year, we couldn't be more thrilled.

TLO made a big return from injury, swarming over MKP,
and when we met them in the losers bracket, Sheth all-killed EG.
At IEM Kiev, Zenio made his Liquid debut in fourth place,
and Ret took third in São Paulo to keep up the pace.

In March we welcomed TaeJa to the ranks of Liquid blue.
He was good back then, but he had more growing to do.
In Spring he played well, but with little rhyme or reason,
it turned out to be a warm-up, for summer was his season.

In the middle of the year we said a sad goodbye
as two of our number decided to move on to different lives.
Although we miss them from day to day, we always know
that we've got good friends out there in Jinro and HayprO

In fall, we brought Sea into the team
and though he was not active long, he made terrans dream
of a future where TvP ignored bio, and instead played with tanks.
For his innovation, pride and humor, we can only give him thanks.

As leaves fell and cold set in, we had one more ace in the hole.
When Super November came around, HerO went on a roll.
He fixed his PvP and went through PvZ hell,
to win a hard fought Dreamhack and NASL.

We won NASTL, and EG Masters Cup Eight.
Second in IPL TAC 3 was our bittersweet fate.
But throughout the year, our conviction has not faltered,
our path has twisted, here and there, but our goals remain unaltered.

While it's tempting to think of the year's end as a coda,
we're looking forward to our bright future in Dota,
and in Starcraft, we'll once again bid
to make 2013 the Year of Liquid.

May this offbeat poem find you well fed, and with plenty of rest.
To our fans all around the world, we wish you all the best.

- Victor, Tyler, Dario, Jos, Shawn, Hyeondeok, Jungmin, Youngseo, Brian, Steven, Tyler, Sam, Mike, Robin, James, Alex, Jesse, and so so many other people.


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