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By tree.hugger
17:25 December 26 2012
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Vote Liquid!

It's that time of year again. No, not the time of year to gather with friends and family to eat good food and share in the spirit of the season. It's the time of the year to gather your friends and family around a computer and browbeat them into voting for Team Liquid as the Razer Team of the Year!

Perhaps you've thought about voting, but paused and thought; "2012 was a great year to be a Liquid fan, but what's TL going to bring to the table in 2013?" Perhaps you've hesitated to get your friends and family into voting because you feel that Liquid still has plenty of room to grow. That's true, and in 2013, we're going to get even better, push new boundaries, and win more stuff. But 2013 starts with us winning this competition. Nothing happens without your support.

Throughout the year we'll always have Proleague. Liquid action will never be far away, with the weekly drive of the world's premier teamleague. If the results are anything like what happened on Christmas day, there will be a lot to look forward to!

Of course, the Sc2 LAN season never stops. MLG will soon kick back into gear, NASL5 is confirmed. The Dreamhack tour is where we've historically done the best, and we can't wait to find ourselves back in Jönköping in 2013. Whatever IPL brings to the table will be very welcome, given their awesome performance at IPL5. Oh, and with HerO and TaeJa in the GSL Up and Down matches, we're set with even more regular individual league action. As usual, we'll be at everything we can be at. With the help of our wonderful new sponsors Barracuda Networks, we'll be able to provide coverage of these events in a way that we simply couldn't do too often in 2012.

There's every indication that we're going to start the year off even stronger than we were last time around. HerO and TaeJa are playing at their peaks. Zenio has just moved into the teamhouse for proleague. TLO is motivated as ever after Homestory. And for the year's biggest news story; the release of Sc2:HotS, we'll be right there with the rest of the scene. Our players are among the smartest and most creative out there, and you've doubtless seen them streaming a fair bit of HotS now and then. We're more than prepared for the switch.

There's never a dull moment with TL, whenever someone is slumping, someone else is always tearing up the scene.

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But the other big story of the year will be our Dota 2 squad. In the twenty days since we've been together, we've seen the team's sky high potential, and present weaknesses. The Dota 2 League and The Defense are our main focuses at the moment, but there are plenty of other tournaments waiting in the wings. And we can't forget the end goal of it all; The International 3. The tournament has been held in August of the last two years. We need to do two things. Throughout the first half of this year, we need to prove that we're among the elite teams in the world to earn an invite. Once we qualify, it's all about preparation. We have a team of International veterans, and they know what it takes to get to the top. It's going to be the biggest test of the year for the boys in blue, but watching our year of Dota 2 unfold will be one wild ride.

There are five days left to vote for Liquid in the Razer Team of the Year competition. This means a lot to us, if you haven't figured that out already. We need the support of every single person we can reach to win. There are some excellent teams sponsored by Razer, and some of them belong to different scenes than we do. We need every ounce of support from you guys. You, your friends, your family and your enemies. Get them to vote

Lets start 2013 out on the best note possible.

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