Liquid's Lead: EG-TL up against STX_Soul

By tree.hugger
19:40 December 28 2012
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Graphics by shiroiusagi

With an 0-3 start, things looked bleak for the Unholy Alliance against Team Eight. Then suddenly, the sound of jingling bells pranced through the air. Snow began to fall lightly in the studio. A warmth spread over the audience. TaeJa (the ghost of proleague future), JYP (the ghost of proleague present), and HerO (the ghost of proleague past) turned it all around, evening the score and allowing TaeJa to take the series in an ace match. EG-TL truly isn't doing too bad. With a 2-3 score and only a -1 differential, our team of rivals is moving through the introductory period with some success. Eventually, of course, we need to start putting wins on the board more consistently, but as it stands, everything is going quite well.

We have a chance to even up EG-TL's record, notching a third win to get a .500 winning percentage through six games. To do that, the boys in mis-matched blue will need to beat STX Soul, and their ace, Bogus.

[image loading] EG-TL vs STX Soul[image loading]
Monday, Dec 29 3:00am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)2012-2013 Proleague

What's that, you say? You like mirror match-ups? HA! Well then, tonight is the night to watch. A soup and salad of PvP's to start, an amuse bouche of Tal'Darim Altar ZvZ, and then the main courses, hefty courses of prime-rib TvT. Will we get dessert? Time will tell.

HerO is the opener here, and he's on the map he played last week against T8, in the match-up he played last week against Stars. He won both his sets, and he'll look to take a fourth straight proleague win tonight. Dear has had a fair amount of Sc2 success, going 6-4 in proleague, and barely missing the GSL. He will not roll over. But in defeating Flying earlier last week on Ohana with pristine control, HerO looked on form in the way that he has all fall and winter. He should be favored to take EG-TL to an early 1-0 lead.

TaeJa has drawn in the highest stakes match-up. He plays fourth, so no matter what, he will play. That's great for the viewers, because his opponent is Bogus, the GSL semi-finalist, and one of the finest Sc2 players in proleague right now. He is 9-2 in TvT in Sc2. But TaeJa is obviously a top player, and EG-TL's preferred ace so far. It will be close. These two players may reprise this match as the aces on Bifrost, but that will depend on how the early matches go, especially this pivotal game four.

kr [image loading] Liquid`HerO < Cloud Kingdom > kr [image loading] STX-Dear
kr [image loading] EGJYP.RC < Ohana > kr [image loading] STX-mini
kr [image loading] EGJaedong.RC < Tal'Darim Altar > kr [image loading] STX-hyvaa
kr [image loading] Liquid`TaeJa < Antiga Shipyard > kr [image loading] STX-Bogus
se [image loading] EGThorZaIN.RC < Arkanoid > kr [image loading] STX-Classic
kr [image loading] EGPuMa.RC < Planet S > kr [image loading] STX-Last

Ace < Bifrost > Ace

EG-TL went 1-1 last week, winning one and losing one in ace. They'll hope to get their first winning streak going with a win today, which would bring them to 3-3 on the season. It's all mirrors, but that doesn't mean the games won't be extremely exciting. Don't forget to tune in!

EG-TL Fighting!
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