The Year Ahead: Liquid`Sheth Interview

By tree.hugger
18:57 December 31 2012
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In some parts of the world, it's 2013 already, but for Liquid`Sheth, and the rest of North America, it's not there yet, but coming fast. As part of our New Years series, we spoke with our intrepid American zerg about 2012, his casting at IPL5, his all-kill of EG, his recent wrist injuries, and his hopes for 2013!

us Liquid`Sheth

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Thanks for speaking with us! We last saw you at IPL5, not in the competition, but as a caster. How was that experience for you?

Sheth: It was a very different experience. It was both more relaxing and more stressful. Casting you can relax all of the time your not on stage, and playing your constantly stressed while you warm up and get ready and think. As a player you are always thinking ahead and debating which strategy to use against which person. You're also thinking who do I want to avoid in this bracket and so forth. As a caster you are generally thinking kind of the reverse! Who do I want to cast and how can I get that! So both are a tough while doing it, but casting is more relaxing in the middle time. I think I still like playing more though ^^

What was the biggest difference between being a player and being a caster?

Sheth: The biggest difference is probably just in the stress levels in between games. It's much more stressful as a player.

What do you think casters don't always get or remember about players?

Sheth: I think I've learned that casters have to fill a lot of off time and boring time. So sometimes they maybe... make up things about players or exaggerate to make it interesting. Like you hear a lot that a player came up with a build, or really likes to use it. What this really means in general is "this build is really popular now, but I want to take up time well!" Or at least that's how it was when I'd say it! Because its almost impossible to figure out who "invented" a build, and I assure you most casters aren't privy to a player secret strategy beforehand. I tried really hard to get information out of NaNiwa before he was vs Sea, and I got nothing! (Maybe because Sea is a team mate, but I would have upheld the caster / player confidentiality!) So I don't think I answered your question at all, and kind of rambled on on this topic :x

Was it fun? Would you do it again?

Sheth: Yea I'd do it again.

What was your favorite part of the tournament?

Sheth: Casting Leenock vs Apocalypse (VOD) and seeing an insanely new build on Cloud Kingdom was awesome for me. He moved queens across the map right away, got a lair right away, and started to spread creep right in front of the terran base so quick! Was awesome ^^

So 2012 is drawing to a close, how do you feel about the year as a whole for you?

Sheth: Well, to be honest it wasn't quite what I expected. But I was happy with my performance for a while in it. Eh lets be honest here eh? I was pretty disappointed, but I think I could have worked harder and I think hard work pays off. So hopefully I'll learn from not doing as well as I wanted to this year and use that to motivate me in the future

You started off especially strong, and really carried TL in teamleagues. What led you to so much teamleague success?

Sheth: Team leagues are my favorites. I dont' know why, but I love em. You get to play for others and you get to chear on your team mates and have them chear for you. Most of the time you know they want you to do well (at stuff like DH, MLG etc...) but in a team league you'll never have to play each other if you keep winning. (Can't count the # of times either Taeja or Hero has knocked me out of a tournament...) so I love em!

And you all-killed EG. That still might be my highlight of the year. How do you look back on that?

Sheth: Best thing I've accomplished in SC2

You had some good performances in LAN tournaments throughout the year, but it wasn't always reflected in the final results. How did you feel about how you played and where you ended up?

Sheth: There was an MLG I placed 17-20th that I beat a lot of good players, yet I only got 17-20th... And I took 2 games off of rain out of 5 games, another ok thing of late. But like I said earlier I don't think I put as much hard work in as I could have. So I think I deserved the places I got.

What was the best moment for you?

Sheth: Probably all killing EG and having everyone on the team being so happy. Victor was even even really happy! Good times ^^

What was a moment you'd rather forget?

Sheth: Any really sloppy games that were just not worthy of being called "good games". There's a quote in a book that's something like... "why would I ever want to win a game that wasn't beautiful?" So something like that for me would be like "why would I ever want to win a game, if I played like I didn't deserve to win". So I like to win thanks to playing well myself, not my opponent being bad. Hope that explains it...

Were you satisfied with your play in 2012?

Sheth: Nope not really.

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What is your secret to constantly drawing HerO and TaeJa at LANs? How about a restraining order so you guys never play at the same events.

Sheth: I think HerO and Taeja manipulate the brackets behind stage just so they can beat me.

You've recently mentioned publicly that you're struggling with some wrist injuries. Can you tell us more about them? How much do they effect your play? (what % do you feel you can play at now)

Sheth: Well, I've spent the last week not really doing anything on the computer, completely putting 0 pressure on them. So typing this has been ok. A doctor I went to was unsure of the problem. So I'm not completely sure, but I know its a lot of pain when I play for longer then 30 minutes. I don't really know what % I'd be able to play at....

What steps are you taking to address the injury?

Sheth: New chair, New desk, new height, new mouse (Abyssus), better posture, more stretches, better exercise (overall and wrist related), longer breaks between gaming, resting them, anti-inflamatories, trying different things, reading up on the problems, Basically everything I can think of.

What are you expecting from the beginning of 2013?

Sheth: To get healthier with my wrists, and over all.

How about 2013 as a whole? If things go well health-wise, what are your goals?

Sheth: Become a hard working practice machine! Although I know that can't happen right away, its something I want to be able to go back to ^^

What is going to happen to the scene with the release of HotS? Any predictions? Which player is going to turn out to be really good at it?

Sheth: Hmm, I really don't know. I think there will be new players from other games coming back or joining the scene for the first time. So I think there will be some new up and coming gosus. Seems like a player with the first letter S will do good too! so many EU zergs, Sortof, Snute, Stephano Snerchio... any of those could do great.

And... Sheth???

Sheth: Indeed ^^

What's one new years resolution you have outside of starcraft?

Sheth: Health.

Liquid recently added a Dota2 team, how familiar are you with the game? Any thoughts on the team?

Sheth: There is no surrender in Dota. And our Dota team will never surrender. Haha realistically I don't know too much about the game or the team yet. With time hopefully I'll get to know them better and I really look forward to meeting them at an event and hearing their stories.

Predictions for Liquid in starcraft in 2012? Dota2?

Sheth: 2013? Year of Liquid !

Alright, thanks so much for speaking with us! Any shoutouts?

Sheth: Just our sponsors Shiny things, Razer, Twitch and Barracuda our newest sponsor! And to those of you who took the time to read all of this text!

Happy New Year everybody! The Razer Team of the Year poll ends tonight!

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