Break out the AK's: EG-TL vs KT Rolster

By tree.hugger
18:30 January 05 2013
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Graphics by shiroiusagi

After a solid opening round with plenty of room for improvement, EG-TL enters the second stage of proleague with an expanded roster, and a much better understanding of what it will take to win. To make matters more exciting... it's ALLLL KILLLLL TIMMEEEEE!

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Our first opponent in the Round Two's winners league is KT Rolster, who we faced in our debut Proleague match. In that match, they essentially all-killed us, with a 4-0 victory. Time to return the favor.

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Monday, Jan 06 3:00am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)2012-2013 Proleague

Unlike the previous Proleague format, the all kill format doesn't give us much clues in the way of who we might see. But we know that the opener will be EG's newest recruit, RevivaL, and that KT will be sending none other than Flash himself. If last round is any indication, HerO and TaeJa are key players on this team, playing every match except the opener against KT. In this match, they are likely to get the chance to introduce themselves to KT, hopefully by taking a few key kills. Zenio has been a strong ZvZ card for EG-TL so far, he may see action as well.

All kill play means we'll see less players than we have in the past, but we'll see more of the players who are dominating, so it's a nice tradeoff. This is a format that should benefit EG-TL as well, with TaeJa, EG's RevivaL and Stephano being practiced in the art of all-killing.

kr [image loading] EGRevivaL.RC < Ohana > kr [image loading] KT_Flash
< Antiga Shipyard >
< Planet S >
< Bifrost >
< Caldeum >
< Cloud Kingdom >
< Entombed Valley >

Don't miss the R2 Proleague opener for EG-TL! KT did the most damage to us the last time. We've got a chance to make amends in a big way by taking the win back and reaching a .500 winning percentage again! Tune in!

EG-TL Fighting!

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