Bouncing Back: EG-TL vs SKT T1

By tree.hugger
23:04 January 07 2013
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Graphics by shiroiusagi

Our first match in Winners League certainly did not goes as planned, as the Unholy Alliance suffered an all-kill at the hands of Flash and KT. We'll take a game off of them... someday. Meanwhile, our second opponent this week is SKT Telecom1, who beat us in the ace match in round one. Here's another opponent we've got some solid motivation to beat.

[image loading] EG-TL vs SKT Telecom 1[image loading]
Wednesday, Dec 31 8:30am UTC (GMT+00:00)

(Wiki)2012-2013 Proleague

Just like KT, SKT Telecom is leading off with their ace terran, and just like KT, that terran has become a beast in Sc2. Fantasy's multitask and inclination towards nonstop harass have translated well into Sc2. Owning a shocking 73.33% win rate in Sc2 and an 8-2 record in proleague, there's the very real danger that Fantasy could do the exact same thing that Flash did earlier. EG's JYP leads off, and in a reversal from BW, Fantasy is weak in Sc2 TvP. Should JYP fall, the team will be counting on HerO and TaeJa to take the Terrorist out of the booth, which they couldn't do against Flash.

SKT's supporting cast may be stronger than KT's. Rain is an obvious threat, and he has had HerO's number everytime they've played. n.die_soO, BeSt, and s2 have also been strong opponents. In a ZvZ against soO or s2, Zenio might be a strong choice, given his ZvZ play so far. Overall, SKT T1 demonstrated their strength in their first winners league match, defeating STX, with Fantasy shutting down Bogus en route to a three kill. To avoid a similar fate, or one similar to the KT match, EG-TL is going to need to buckle down and focus on taking out SKT's two aces. For once this is a team that has trump cards as strong as we do.

kr [image loading] EGJYP.RC < Entombed Valley > kr [image loading] SKT_fantasy
< Bifrost >
< Caldeum >
< Arkanoid >
< Cloud Kingdom >
< Antiga Shipyard >
< Ohana >

Don't miss the second winners league match of the season for EG-TL! Liquid figures to play a huge role all round long as HerO and TaeJa especially are called into action.

EG-TL Fighting!
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