Liquid vs Lion's Pride in The Defense!

By tree.hugger
12:35 January 07 2013
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After the holidays, Liquid came out and beat When In Mood, looking comfortable and in control against the unknown qualifiers. This week, the boys in blue take on a slightly more familiar opponent in the Russian squad Lion's Pride. This is a team that has yet to play a single Defense match, however, instead taking the spot and 1-1 record of Pulse, who recently disbanded. Lion's has played other matches, however, most notably beating Virtus.Pro 2-0 in recent action.

Liquid sits at 2-1 in our Defense group, in second place, and teams like Lion's Pride and When In Mood are ones we should be able to handle without much trouble if we want to reach our goals. But these are the type of teams that have recently shown the ability to upset unsuspecting top-tier names, and once again, FLUFF, Korok, TC, BuLba, and ixmike88 need to prepare and be ready for anything.

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—The Defense Week Four—

Tuesday, Jan 07 7:30pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Defense on Wiki

The most notable name on Lion's Pride is undoubtably Vigoss, the Russian known for his tremendous ability to sniff out ganks. In the first Dota, he was a legend, and in Dota 2 he has had considerable success, but has struggled to find a team that suits him. Perhaps he's found it on Lion's Pride, along with four other Russians who are known considerably less.

The key to the game for Liquid will be shutting down Lion's gank opportunities. The team defeated VP with Chaos Knight-Wisp and Queen of Pain-Nyx Assassin strategies, both mobile ganking lines. So far, one of our strengths has been counter-initiating, and against Lion's Pride, it'll be crucial to exact a heavy price every time they go hunting.

Lion's Pride: [image loading] Vigoss , [image loading] Stalk , [image loading] Massacre , [image loading] XaKoH , [image loading] androidP

Getting to a 3-1 record would put Liquid in a solid group position. The goal is top town in the group, which would get the team in the championship bracket. With our only loss against group leaders Mousesports, it's important that we clear out the rest of the group. Today's match will also be important to gain some momentum for the week, as we play mTw in the Dota 2 League one day after this, and then will face Absolute Legends' Academy to cap off the week!

Liquid Fighting!

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