Liquid vs mTw in the Dota 2 League

By tree.hugger
11:07 January 08 2013
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Liquid`Dota will hope to erase the memory of a rough start to the week in yesterday's loss to Lion's Pride by turning the tables on mTw in today's Dota 2 League action! After a multiple week hiatus, the boys in blue will return in the D2L. Unlike The Defense, the D2L matches are played in Bo3 format, which really works in our favor. After a couple iffy results over the holidays, getting back into the daily grind will be key to getting back into the winning column.

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— D2L Week Three —

Wednesday, Jan 08 8:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Dota 2 League on Wiki

There are few teams that really count as weathered Dota 2 franchises, but the mTw banner has been through a lot in Dota 2. As always, it has been held by syndereN, the Danish captain, who has remained with his team while his supporting cast has undergone two complete overhauls. The second mTw line won Dreamhack Summer 2012 and the International II Western Qualifier in the same week, and would go on to a number of impressive results in the summer. That squad disbanded in September, however, and the third mTw incarnation has not had as much success. But perhaps that's in part because of a lack of participation in tournaments. In the D2L, they actually haven't played a match yet.

mTw: dk syndereN , sk Tulex , sk Warlog , nl Dutch_Freak , se Matrim

The first priority in the match will come in the pick/bans, as syndereN is well known as a strong drafter. Watching the FLUFF vs syndereN match-up ought to be fun. Second is the game itself (important, I know). In recent matches against Mousesports and Lion's Pride, Liquid has seemed a step behind. We need to get that step back, especially to where we were against Fnatic in our D2L opener; responding to every gank with a bigger counter-initiation of our own. We'll see in the longer series how that dynamic of strategy plays out. Hopefully with more room to breathe, the team will open up on mTw and move to a 2-1 record in the D2L with a win!

Liquid Fighting!

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