Liquid vs Dignitas in Killing Spree NA!

By tree.hugger
17:14 January 11 2013
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We've already had some good times in The Defense and The Dota 2 League, but when NEO Dota came to us with the concept to Killing Spree NA, we had to jump in. The league is a KOTH style tournament, with initial seeding matches establishing a 'king', who is then challenged weekly by one of the other teams. Even better, the league is focused on growing the NA Dota scene that we're proudly a part of. This event will pit four of the most notable North American teams against each other; ourselves, EG, Fnatic.NA, and Dignitas. It's the latter who we will face in our first match, with the winner getting ever closer to that top spot!

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— Killing Spree NA —

Saturday, Jan 11 9:30pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

NEO Dota Killing Spree on Liquipedia

We played Dignitas a few weeks ago, and they handed us our first series loss, winning 2-0 on the back of versatile and coordinated aggression. Today, we get our chance at revenge.

Since we played last, Dignitas has undergone one notable change; the departure of their #3, Sneyking due to time commitment issues. But this isn't a team weakened by the departure, instead, they've turned around and added UNiVeRsE, one of the most notable North American players, a veteran of TI2 and international LANs, and among the best ladder players around. Losing a talented player like Sneyking is a big loss... unless you add someone of UNiVeRsE's calibre. Because the team retains the same core four players and is very familiar with their new addition, it seems unlikely that they will suffer from any important coordination issues.

Dignitas: us Fogged, ca Aui_2000, us UNiVeRsE, us Tidesoftime, ca Waytosexy

Once again, we will need to overcome Dignitas on our own merits. First and foremost, that means shutting down Aui_2000, who has established himself as an elite carry in the foreign scene. When we last played, Aui punished us with Lifestealer and Phantom Lancer, showing that he can do much more than just handle Tiny in the team's favorite Wisp-Tiny strat. This time around, we need to not just force Dignitas away from their preferred game, but shut down their alternate plans as well.

The winner of this match moves on to face the winner of EG vs Fnatic.NA, in a match to decide the first King of North America. Make sure to follow Liquid as we attempt to show that we're not only one of the best teams on the continent, we are the best team on the continent.

Liquid Fighting!

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