Liquid vs AL.Academy in The Defense!

By tree.hugger
14:31 January 12 2013
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It's been a busy week for Liquid`Dota, with three matches played so far. As has been the case in the first month of the team's existence, we've shown our talent but also how far we still have to go to overcome established teams and to have the confidence to put away the teams we should beat 100% of the time.

There's one hurdle left this week; Absolute Legends Academy, who we've drawn in The Defense. This match comes at a perilous time in the tournament for Liquid. Having dropped two very winnable matches, we cannot afford to give away anymore. This is an important game to lock down.

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—The Defense Week Five—

Sunday, Jan 12 8:45pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Defense on Wiki

Although they were only qualifiers to the tournament, Romy and the Rest distinguished themselves and were picked up by Absolute Legends as an Academy team. But their record is not that of a B-team; they sit at a 2-1 record and a spot ahead of us in the group. Once again, this is a team we should beat, but one who is more than good enough to take advantage if we don't bring our best. They beat Virtus.Pro, one of Europe's best regarded teams. VP beat Lion's Pride, and Lion's Pride beat us. So by the transitive property... we can't go easy.

Absolute Legends Academy: [image loading] chroMium , [image loading] linkoo , [image loading] aCidrain , [image loading] blr , [image loading] pandasaurusrex

After our loss in The Defense to open the week, we've looked very good, despite a 2-2 record. Against mTw, the boys in blue rolled to victory. Against Dignitas, midgame leads were pried from our hands by Aui_2000's fantastic carry play, but only just; and each game was a nailbiting marathon. Given the recent games and the stepped up practice of the last week, our play is looking better and better. Now we just need to keep the same level and energy and execute.

Liquid Fighting!

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