Take Two: Liquid vs Empire in the D2L

By tree.hugger
06:25 January 25 2013
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Earlier in the week, we were scheduled to Empire in the Dota 2 League. On the day of the match, unexpected circumstances prevented one of our players from being able to attend, and Empire and the D2L very graciously allowed us to reschedule.

Well, the time is now, a nice as Empire was, we'd still quite like to beat them. It'd be a tremendous win for our young squad; some would say Empire is the best opponent that you can find in the foreign scene. After Thursday's slugfest defeat against Virtus.Pro, winning here would be a better way to show our skill after what's been a very productive couple of weeks.

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— D2L Week Five —

Saturday, Jan 25 7:00pm UTC (GMT+00:00)

The Dota 2 League on Wiki

Once again, Empire is a team to be feared. Their whole line-up, top to bottom is comprised of some of the best plays in the foreign scene. Only Na'Vi has seemed a match for them lately. They play aggressive and they push hard. We've got a Bo3 to turn their pressure around.

Empire: ua Goblak , [image loading] blowyourbrain , [image loading] Scandal , ua Funn1k , [image loading] Silent

Despite yesterday's loss, we're looking better and better every week. We've made short work of the teams that we should make short work of; but beating the top-tier teams has been a challenge. So far, the only elite team we've managed to take down has been Fnatic. We lost 1-2 to Na'Vi, and have been beaten twice by Dignitas, even if all the games have gone long. Once again, we have the chance for a marquee win. Can we topple the Empire? Tune in to find out!

Liquid Fighting!

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